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Real World DirectX 10 Performance: It Ain't Pretty

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No software that only runs on ONE OS is good, trust me.

DX 10 is a Vista only software, and for that reason alone, a lot of gaming companies still prefer DX 9 since their game will work on WinXP... which, by the way, is still the best and greatest OS out there.

I still pity the Vista fools though.. they seem to think their OS is so great, so godlike, but they are blinded by their own fanboyism and don't see the ACTUAL issues with the OS..

One such IS DX 10... even the graphic cards that RUN DX10 have encounted MORE performance problems with certain games (like Supreme Commander) than DX 9 has..

Plus, there is another rumor about DX 10 that I have yet to confirm...

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