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Funny Anagrams

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Funny Anagrams

George Bush -- rearrange the letters -- He bugs Gore.

Dormitory -- rearrange the letters -- Dirty Room.

Evangelist -- rearrange the letters -- Evil's Agent.

Desperation -- rearrange the letters -- A Rope Ends It.

The Morse Code -- rearrange the letters -- Here Come Dots.

Slot Machines -- rearrange the letters -- Cash Lost In 'Em.

Animosity -- rearrange the letters -- Is No Amity.

Mother-in-law -- rearrange the letters -- Woman Hitler.

Snooze Alarms -- rearrange the letters -- Alas! No More Z's.

A Decimal Point -- rearrange the letters -- I'm A Dot In Place

Eleven plus two -- rearrange the letters -- Twelve plus one.

And for the grand finale:

President Clinton of the USA -- can be arranged into -- To Copulate he finds interns


The first president whose name has all the letters needed to spell the word CRIMINAL

Richard Millhouse Nixon.

The second

William Jefferson Clinton

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LOL, got anymore?

its not 100% related, heres one u guys can let marinate

did u guys know that Therapist is spelled the same as The Rapist

makes u think about things

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