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Battlecruiser insurrance...

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It's one thing to get a car... Insurrance, ARGH! For even the smallest of compact cars you get RAPED ANALLY in the insurrance department.

Now imagine a commander getting insurrance for a brand spaking new battlecruiser.

'When I walked into the office that day, I was all grit and metal... knowing I was about to go through the greatest hell that even the Gammulans could put me through.

"What kind of vessel is it?" he asked me.

"Battlecruiser," I stated. "Mk II."

He glanced up at me with that knowing look... the look of 'Another one for the Meat Grinder'. I could see it in his eyes.

"Let me see the system loadout," he droned. I handed him a clipboard with the current systems.

"Hmmm..." he Hmmed. "You've done full factory upgrades to Numega Engines, Trellis Reactor, Linear Spec IV Shields, and Titanium V Armor...

That should do you some good."

I hate the way he drags this on, I wanted to rip his head off, I just wish he'd get to the DAMN POINT.

"Interesting, a large stock of space to space weapons, radiation control kits, extra shield fuel... cloaking fuel. You have every intention of going right out into combat don't you?"

Well of course I did, what did he think a battlecruiser was for? Armed Yacht? Of course, I merely nodded.

He got up with a camera and went out to the docking bay at this point. I followed and watched as he walked around taking photos of the ship. After an hour of this, he returned to his desk and logged the info into his COMLINK computer.

"Experience points?"

"Five Thousand,"

He stared at me good and hard then. Then highlighted something on his paper.

"How far have you traveled in this 'Battlecruiser Mk II', in lightyears?"

"None, I haven't been out of Earth Orbit yet," I had my wrist laser at my side, all I had to do was raise it when he wasn't looking...

"Let me see your crew Roster...

I handed him another clipboard, and he stared at it for a long while. Then highlighted something and handed it back to me, replying before I could get a look.

"The high AI of the crew will do you good, but I'm afraid there is one thing that will force me to raise the price-" he was cut off as my alarm went off and the Com Officer gave me a report.

"Multiple insurgent ships are in the system and are preparing to attack, we need to go sir," she stated.

"Rodger that!" I replied. Then turned to the agent. "How much?"

He slid me a paper and pointed at a number...

"SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION A MONTH?!" I nearly shouted. "WHY-" my alarm beeped again.

"They're gunning down unarmed transports sir," the Comm Officer informed me.

"Never mind, I'll take it!" I quickly signed the paperwork and dashed out of the office, the agent shouted around the corner.

"Everything that causes your insurrance to go up is highlighted in yellow!" he shouted. "The biggest one is highlighted in RED!"

I noted that and bolted to my CC.


After a thirty minute fight with the insurgents, I remembered my new inssurance policy and decided to take a look at the papers.

As I expected, certain things that hurt me were highlighted brightly in yellow.

Low experience...

High probability of initiating combat...

The fact that it was a less well PTA defended BC MK II... But I didn't see the Red.

Where'd he highlight the red?

Then I remembered him highlighting something on my crew roster... I picked it up, and my mouth nearly dropped to the floor.

It was clear and blank all through the roster, except for one spot, brightly lit up in glaring bright red highlight.

A single name was glowing as if contaminated with radiation.

Paul Resnig.

"Combat Officer reporting for duty sir!"

I promptly went for my blaster.

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Nice Tigerclaw, Nice! I loved it

Keep this up man! MORE!

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