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Some unintentional hilarity

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My day job involves working with people who have varying kinds of disabilities. I teach them different job skills, and basically help them overcome a lot of the negative self-image problems that they have developed in a society that treats them as defective.

Currently, my crew is doing janitorial work. The following is taken verbatim from an unintentionally funny episode the other night. The guys were loading up the van with our equipment and having a bit of problem getting the mop to fit in the back, so they began arguing about it. Another crew memeber and I were sitting up in front of the vehicle waiting for them to finish when we hear (some grammar correction was necessary):

"Pull it out! Pull it out! It's going in funny!"

"Shut up! I can't help it, it's all wet!"

The guy in the seat next to me looks over at me with raised eyebrows, and then starts laughing, but it only gets worse.

"No! NO! Not like that!"

"Stop complaining, I always put it in like that!"


"Take it like a man"

"Just put it in the other way!"

"Now it's going in crooked! Do it the other way!"

"I can't help it, it's too hard!"

"Ow! Use both hands stupid!?"

By now, the other crewmember and I are practically rolling on the floor we're laughing so hard, then we hear:

"These wood ones are too hard to fit in!"

"Why don't they make them out of plastic? They would bend easier. Stupid wood."

"Yeah, even when they're wet they're hard."

"Stop pushing!"

"It's going in!"

"You're gonna break something!"

At this point I was laughing so loud the two unintentional comedians with the mop noticed and asked what was going on. I explained.

It's been mop jokes for two weeks straight

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