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Anybody need a spy van?



Vehicle Description

This van is different than any other I have ever seen. It is a 1983 Ford Econoline with 19,000 miles on it and was special built. It was owned by US Goverment which department I am not sure of but it looks like maybe the DEA or Customs may have used it. For starters it has a Periscope that has a camera mount on it. The outside van pictures show it up and down. The vans electronic equipment is totally powered by a power Module made by Abbott Laboratories I am not sure but think it is an inverter. There is a marine battery storage compartment built in to the step. There is another one under the hood. Has a built in charger under the bench seat. One of the chairs slide toward the rear door on 2 rails that were built in the floor, there is some kind of mounting bracket at door which looks like it was used for cameras or listening devices. It also has a built in fire alarm system. The monitors and cameras have been removed. Also some of the paneling is torn and ripped. There are so many gadets inside its hard to tell what is what unless you have some knowledge with electronics. I don't.It Has a Refrigerator and a separate propane heating system, Extra sliding bolt locks on the doors. Also has blackout window covers that snap into place. Thick plexiglass sheets are installed behind every window making them somewhat bullet proof. The body may also be am not sure about this but a lot fiber packing This van sat for quite a while Spent close to a grand making it right Battery.fuel pump, carb, gas tank etc. Am selling this as is due to the nature of the equipment inside.

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