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From the Mile-High Club to the Green Mile

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Mile High


Couple arrested for 'sex rage'

December 10, 2005

THEY were jetting off for a holiday in Kingston, Jamaica, and the drinks flowed freely during the ten-hour flight.

Intoxicated, the couple, who were seated in business class, decided to submit their membership for the 'mile-high club' in one of the toilets.

But the British Airways flight staff became suspicious after hearing cries of passion from the loo, and the randy couple was ordered to stop and return to their seats.

Randy quickly turned into angry.

Stunned passengers watched in horror as the couple fought with flight staff.

A passenger told The Sun: 'They were asked politely to return to their seats but went ballistic. They were shouting vile abuse and spitting at staff.'

Another said: 'The captain tried to calm them down but they were just as abusive to him.'

And despite being restrained with plastic handcuffs, the pilot decided he had no choice but to divert the 777 jet to Bermuda.

The couple, who were booked on a two-week holiday, were held by police in Bermuda and put on a flight back to Gatwick yesterday.

Now the duo, from Luton, Beds, have been arrested and face being charged with air rage. They may also have to bear the 20,000 ($58,950) cost of diverting the plane.

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