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Heh, I see this issue pop about that up in a few things I've watched. Just this past week I just happened to catch the middle of the office. Not too sure what was going on in this episode but seems it was about the office staff airing out anonymous grievances. Steve Carell the actor who plays Michael Scott (office manager) was reading a few papers from the employees and he came across one and read it out loud. "The bathrooms are designated whites only". I was like huh? What I didn't notice at first that behing Michael Scott you could see the two bathroom doors. The one for men and other for women. I was still like huh? Then I looked closer still saying what the heck is he talking about? Finally the light bulb went off in my head. The plaques on the bathroom were black background with white characters. OMG, I said. Now the camera pans on this guy (african american) and he says "I didn't say that". Meaning he didn't write that paper. Then all of a sudden a white guy behind said he did. OMG!!

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