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There is completely a faulty cruiser attached to a shuttle. Commands " DELIVERY TO STARSTATION " and " DELIVERY STARBASE " do not help. How to repair a cruiser?

In advance thanks for the answer.

With the best regards, Igor.

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Hehe. That's what I like to do, get people excited about the possibilities in this game and get them thinking for themselves.

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ok A world apart episode 1.

First mission was easy, I did reload once and came with a different strategy. Caught the little bugger, and had a fighter pepper him with a couple warning shots. He got the idea and about turned.

Mission 2:

Pretty tough, the disabled ship "meinmen"(correct?) kept getting destroyed, and though you could salvage the cargo pod I didn't like that, I was too far away with fighters or my cap ship. I was in Jupiter the damn ship is in Varan in alpha centauri.

So quick thinking, after a couple reloads. I am looking at perscan and I see a medic on search mode inside shuttle 2. I assign him to shuttle 2 and shuttle 2 is ready to launch immediately. Precious time not to be wasted. The attack happens at about 23 and a half minutes remaining and I am nearly at 27 minutes remaining.

I launch the shuttle and send him on his way to the disabled craft. My shuttle finally reaches the "meinmen" just as the dreaded "ident01" crafts start to fire on it, and my shuttle is on a tow command heading for the ship to grab at as they are firing, and woooosh in the wisk of time my shuttle moves the meinmen out of dangaer, and hyperjumps to the Emperion ODS in the system, it was unncessary as the buggards seemed to give up.

Then the tow ship arrived, and I let go the disabled ship. But he didn't move to pick him up so I put it back where I got it from and he took it over. I kind of left him to his own since the mission was near finishing and another one was about to start.

Mission 3:

If im not mistaken this was the one where you had to intercept an insurgent convoy which penetrated galcom defenses. Another problem presented itself here. The lead ship of the galcom counter attack force kept rushing into the HOT system first and the convoys fighters take him out.

So genious me whom you might want to call shuttle man from now on had another use for my shuttle. I launched a shuttle to get to the GCV Galatae I think he was called (from freespace

and I ordered the shuttle to tow him and keep him in place whilst I got myself in position.

Got myself in position entered the hot system with my 4 fighters, then had the shuttle let go of the Galatae so he could join the fray, alas I would need his help.

I took out what I could then chased the fleeing ident01 who was a maquis looking ship an armed transport with about 3 turrets. My fighters caught up to him in pluto and let him have it. Then I and the Galatae took out the much dreaded Questar... wish he was on my side.

This scenario I had to reload a few times because I kept losing the Galatae...I thought it was avoidable so I would reload. Some of the reloads had such exciting engagements.

Mission 4

Now I had to escort a convoy from Lyrius to Alpha Centauri. I was in Earth or near there. I went straight to pluto and waited and I saw a warmonger and some idents(name of scripted fighters) looking to ambush the convoy on our side of the jupiter gate.

My fighters were pretty badly banged up, with only Fighter #2 fully operational and #4 with about 50 percent damage. Fighter #1 had a dead pilot and was somewhere in alpha centauri, and fighter #3 had managed to limp back to me after the last engagement, but he was unable to be launched again with a destroyed computer core or something.

So my jump drive taking long to recharge I use a shuttle to jump me to the warmonger as his fighter escorts jump to me. The first ship of the convoy has already arrived, but isn't being hammered yet. I designate alot of FATAL missles on the warmonger and try to squeeze everything out of my ship in regards to speed, to intercept him before his guns can do there damage. He starts pounding the first ship of the convoy named "ryan" something and I am willing my ship to close the remaining distance. About 40.0 to go.

Anyway the "ryan" stands up to the beating and makes the hyperspace jump to the jump gate out of the system. He's safe. I engage the warmonger firing away. A sunflash comes to help me. The warmonger tears me up with PTA eating into my hull and metal crunching, damage reports coming from all decks...I am desperately trying to do some evasive maneuvers a little straffing a little up down, but can't escape the beams of death. I keep pouring my main guns into him and he explodes and I am safe.

Then his fighters are on my and I order my fighters to land and cloak and get the hell outta there. Damn the ship won't jump, a quick check and I see my starcry/s engine is busted about 8 percent or something. It won't jump, so guess what? Super shuttle to the rescue, I try to launch a shuttle, but no power, go turn off weapons shields everything non essiential in logistix and then turn on launch control. Shuttle launches and it takes me in tow and on to safety and "escorting" the convoy.

The other ships have arrived during this engagement, and I distracted the Warmonger enough so that he could not inflict any real damage, all ships are safely jumping under close "limping escort" by me and a sunflash to their destination.

I get to the destination with about 15 minutes remaining in the mission, I use this time to repair as much of the engine as I can, I get it to about 52 percent before the next mission comes around. Now I've got one fighter craft operable, fighter #2, and the others busted up too badly to risk in an engagement... it would be pure suicide.

Ive got damage all over, the bridge crew are screaming about the life support, which is damaged significantly. I tell them what are oxygen masks for?

Mission 5

Strike the insurgent station in Tau Ceti "Arima" Darkstar. OH GREAT, busted balls, busted ship and support ships... and a shuttle leading me around on a leash.

6 ships they commit to the assault, 3 carriers and 3 cruisers. Needless to say I used my shuttle again to tow me to the engagement, as my engine is working quirky. It won't jump.

I say yeah right 7 of us VS a station, they say more assault ships are on the way to assist, but I figure the greater the number on the first assault the better chance we have.

Well the fleet engages the starstation. En route my engineers repair the damage to my engines enough to let me off the tow of the shuttle. Its a long jump from the gate in tau ceti to the darkstar station where the battle is raging on.

To there credit, they lasted long, they didn't die as fast as I thought they would, and plenty of fighters and 2 cap ships were still alive when I jumped in. I flew in basically unharassed as everything else seems to be taking up the space on the enemies targetting computers. There missles, fighters, and cap ships everywhere, beams of death everywhere, I EMD the first couple of missles headed my way as I close point blank to the station.

I am thinking maybe his guns can't track me right underneath him. As I go in I start to take a few pot shots on my shields which hold. The pot shots are from the PTA canons of some cap ships. I launch FC #4, like that would do any good... hes badly damaged. But at least he's a target right?

I FATAL all 20 slots on the station and load 100 percent Ion disruptor into him, pouring and pouring... his shields and stuff go down fast but it takes a while. As I close more and more the heat starts to build. And the shields start to go. I have to cloak. I think by now only fighters are left from my group.

I finish off the station with missles... I think I launched about 40 or more whilst changing position, in case of counter attacks on my blipping cloak. radiation levels are getting high. The station blows up. And I jump out.

Miraculously fighter #4 is still alive and he jumps out with me...musta said his hail mary's.

Also I might mention shuttle craft 1 which was towing my fighter craft #1 with the dead pilot around behind me from alpha centauri... his pilot died to and I know longer have control over them, they are drifting endlessly among the aftermath of the battle. Recovery operation to follow. Ive got a lot of downtime as the mission has 25 minutes or so left.

I return to alpha centauri and dock and buy some supplies ( I might mention that cargo pods contain some good loot ) especially the 100 or so mine launchers I got from the insurgent convoy I destroyed in mission 3. So I have 16 million or so and realise I can buy most if not all upgrades. Now I am in the process of installing them.

comments questions?

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You did pretty good.

And yes, I deliberately added some cool loot (mostly artifacts) in most cap ships. The more difficult the ship is to take out, the more valuable the loot.

Wait'll you play AWA Episode 2 (if you have UCSE that is). Thats a pretty good nightmare I cooked up for that one.

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I do not have UCSE. But I will... I have all except for the GOLD versions.

I actually impressed myself with my tactics.

fanboy on suit on

And what is equally impressive is the fact that you can do all this shiznit. I've been playing for years and this stuff never ceases to amaze me and has got better n better with each iteration. I like the new sound engine. Wasn't there in my first impressions.

Now a word to anyone else reading. Don't for once moment think this campaign is in the slightest "ez". It is tough as nails, you got to have a "battlecruiser" mind to go it.

I am not the best story teller I am sure my exploits would have sounded as great as they actually were with one of those other guys telling it. It was truly a blast.

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I can't remember all of my latest missions, I'll have to note them

SO this will be more brief. After destroying the station, I was tasked to patrol the area and make sure no vessels passed through my zone en route to Eori.

Galcom would be dispatching repair ships to repair the station, and a small defense fleet.

Well I figured this should be easy, just group my CC and my lone fighter #2 who's pilots AI are rising well to defend the jump gate which leads from Tau Ceti to Eori.

As an update on my condition from the last mission, most of my critical damage is now repaired. Engines, nuclear reactor, the non essential such as crew and officer quarters and the solar reactor which is non functional and some other moderately damaged stuff can wait.

Ive got 10 newbie engineers not 10 scotties.

My crew is starting to grow weary... nothing I can do about that till rest time. But hopefully they will stop to eat when there hunger gets in the 500's

My shield upgrade and a couple others are installed so I feel more confident about the coming battle. No matter how strong you think your shields are I have realised there strength is in the recharge rate. If a fighter is on your tail firing away forever and nothing hitting you, you had better get out of the way because that stream of bullets will connect at once and overload your shields. They need space to recharge.

In the coming moments some enemy fighters jump in and start attacking the convoy who has repaired the station to a certain degree, its now marked ter/mil but it is still marked as disabled. It is no help to me. But I am not to let it be destroyed.

The tranports with their 5 turrets hold off the one or two fighters together until my CC gets there to assist. I then jump back to the Eori gate and wait some more. Some more fighters pop in from elsewhere and my ever eager fighter #2 engages them all over the map.

Then 3 cap ships jump in through Eori, all of them targetting me. My shields start to disappear fast, I am determined to keep them here and inflict as much damage on them as I can. In the mayhem I forget to FATAL them... oh well, I have many vagrants stockpiled.... and boy are they useful.

My fighter jumps back to help me and he starts to take a pummeling, but as I am about to order him to disengage... ( I care for those guys now) the rest might be dead but at least I am trying to keep these ones alive. But not at the expense of victory.

... I realise that they've hammered one of the cap ships to near death, so in the mayhem of red and fire coming from all directions of there PTA death I turn main guns on that ship, try to steady and finish him off. Then I order fighter # 2 out of the hot area.

Now it seems I am toast I can't escape there PTA no matter how much I twist and dodge, I could turn on cloak but I think I was pretty iradiated from a previous use to escape the deadly blows of some Defenders.

Just then a Questar warps in through Eori, and I say WOOHOO, he starts to take the heat off of me to him... and my shields can handle what is being trained on me. His PTA starts to dish damage to the enemy like knife through butter, but he's being hurt too, his pTA isn't carving them up fast enough to disable them from keeping up there fire on him. I watch as he takes hull damage but keeps firing away... one enemy carrier jumps away and then the Questar either from damage taken on he figures his job done, joins the small fleet patrolling through the sector, who DIDN"T help me.

Then the remaining cap ship is battling with me again, and out of no where again comes another Questar through the gate and finishes off the cap ship. I wish had them as escorts.

I escape unscathed in this engagement, thanks greatly to my new shields and the un expected help of some support cruisers.

Now I've just got to buy 3 fighters or so and I'm good, ive got the pilots cloned and waiting.

Id hate to lose my other pilots they are near the 30's in AI.

In the mean time I have my shuttles collecting disabled fighters, I tried exiting my CC and assuming control of fighter#1 which is being towed around by shuttle #1 which in turn is being towed by shuttle#2... but it won't let me enter, im in range the die is on and the target selected. SO I return to my CC.

then I have my shuttles collect all the disabled fighters floating around and set them to land on the planet Arima, so I can tractor them all from one place with my CC for later, but they fall or just explode or something soon after letting go with the tractor.

Im frightened to try it with fighter#1, land him on the planet and hop in from the planet. Guess only my fighter pilots can control the fighter... maybe I should beam him outside the ship and let him do a walk. if i could get the fighter safely on the ground.

Plan now is to repair what is left to be repaired, get my fighters back operational with there fighter pilots. I don't think the coming missions are gonna get easier... they've only got harder.

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btw, some of those NPC ships you encounter, have commanders with a lower rank than you. This means that you can give them orders. You will recognize them because they are a brighter Green in TACSCAN.

Just add them to your priority list for quick call ups.

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I realised from the start of the campaign I could give certain ships orders, but I didn't know why. Now I know thanks.

also didn't know about the tacops colour code. I am in the process of re-reading the manual and have just reached the tacops part. but haven't continued. I saw something else as I read a few lines in that I didn't know. SO I book marked to study it later.

Priority list. gotcha

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SC, are there invincibility tags on all the cap ships in tod 2 mission 3? None of the cap ships in that mission suffer damage. Neither mine nor the enemy, they have no shields period, but there armour stays at full, so for a good 5 minutes after beating all the fighters in the raider fleet, me and my buddies just kept pounding the Storm Carrier with no effect, and he them with no effect.

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eventually he died with us pounding him. Weird but cool. I'm getting a problem with the 4th mission to take over the insurgent station in emicron eridani. exits when the mission timer is nearly 21 minutes left.

and im not doing anything but idle.

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