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UC 2.00.26 Patch Released

Supreme Cmdr

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Check the reg page. The online VCF has also been updated.

You have to positively read the VCF before applying this patch. You have been warned.

For those of you new to UC. You need to install the v2.00.00 patch first, before installing this patch on top of it.

The MD5 hash file is also on the page. You can use a program such as WinMD5 to compare this hash against the file you downloaded. To check the download's MD5 hash, do the following:

  1. download the patch and extract the contents into the game install folder.
  2. Run winMD5 (or similar program)
  3. Go to File/Open MD5 file and load the patch MD5 file located in the game install folder.
  4. Go to File/Open File and load the patch file you downloaded above.
  5. If winMD5 reports the status as good, then your patch downloaded correctly and can be used to patch the game.

WARNING: Due to users going from the base 2.00.00 patch to the current 2.00.xx patch; this patch WILL delete ALL saved games. So, if you are upgrading from 2.00.19 or higher, backup the files in the SAVE folder before applying the patch. If you run an mp server, you should also backup your UCSETUPMP.INI file. After applying the patch, copy them back to the SAVE folder. If you attempt to do this with any saved game version earlier than the specified version, good luck bud.

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Guest Arthur_Dent1976

You will probably need to download it again - sounds like your file is corrupted. You can check it against the hash file Derek mentioned to see if this is the case. Once downloaded, the patch must be executed from the game's directory in order to work properly.

Oh, and welcome to the forums by the way! I would like to point you to this thread, wich explains how to put information about your system into your signature. It's mandatory if you would like to post here. (The reason for this being so that the community can help out quickly should you experience technical problems playing the game).

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