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UCAWA 1.00.12 Patch Status

Supreme Cmdr

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We are in the process of making some revisions to the fp portion of the game in order to make it feel a bit better to those who actually use it.

During this process, we found a critical bug in the new audio system and which the developers of the FMOD engine have now fixed. This fix is in this interim version.

Download the ucAWA_1.00.12.02.rar from the game registration page and extract into your game folder, overwriting all files when prompted.

To see the revisions, check the VCF

When the final patch is released, you can just use the game Updater to bring it up to the final patch version.

This interim patch is for the Starforce version only.

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v1.00.12.05 is up. Check the VCF for revision info.

This is the last version. If not glitches are found, it will go live on Monday.

This contains two new challenging scenarios. IA0119 and IA0120. I seriously doubt that anyone will be able to complete either one without using cheats.

The new audio system sure beefs up the performance. Particularly, if you can run IA0119 with the following settings, you're in for a treat.


Texture Filtering=ANISO HIGH

Lighting Quality=HIGH



Terrain Visibility=HIGH (or MAX)

Particularly in IA0119, flying NOE with the joystick and AHS disabled en-route to the target area, will [help] save your life. Trust me on this.

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