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Joel Schultz

GBS docs incomplete

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redface.gif Doh! Gotta love my spelling. I meant "not complete" in the subject...

Sigh. As a software developer myself, I am inevitably lured in by editing tools included or downloadable for any games -- if only to peek at what they've made available and to get a "behind the scenes" look at what makes some parts of a game tick. A chance to get into the medium that defines the work of art, so to speak. So, it was only a matter of time after noticing the GBS download and reading Gallion's stuff here that I'd end up pulling it down myself to enjoy.

I'm rather impressed -- a fairly simple language with immense possibilities. Then I discovered the docs stopped when they got to the START/STOP command section of the AI block. (Hm, can I do square brackets in a post? [AI] block).

So, I fall back on rule #2 (#1 being "read the manual"): read the forums. And I come across this post from a while back by SC:


You're only just finding out that the docs are not complete? Have you not been paying any attention?

The GBSTOC.TXT file is complete and lists all the commands - it doesn't show their usage. You're on your own because I don't have time for that. You can read my scripts and be able to figure out how the commands work. You already have all the syntax.

Nuts. I hate incomplete documentation. So, I'm wondering if in BCM this documentation will be (finally) completed. If not, I was wondering if anyone independantly (and hence unofficially) completed the missing section.

If anyone has, please post a link! My curiosity is definitely piqued, and while I suppose I can look over the scripts and take notes on what I think is going on, nothing beats having a reference file on hand for viewing.

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Mr. Bad-Habit-Of-Posting-While-I-Have-A-Thought-In-Mind-Before-I-Finish-Reading-Everything is back... cwm4.gif


Anyway, in the original docs, you will find a lot more info that in the gbs.txt file. But, you will have to figure out, on you own, whats obsolete, implemented etc. For BCM I will sit down and do proper docs if I decide to release GBS II to the public.

OK, that answers the question about if (original) GBS docs will be updated. Answer on that is likely going to be a big fat momma of a "NO!", so please consider that question withdrawn. But my original request for someone to post a link to an "unoffically" completed set still stands, so please post one if you have it! And who knows, maybe if I get a solid enough grip on how it works I'll post my own half-baked interpretation. cwm12.gif

My two bits on GBS-II: why not release it to the public? No offense, but I doubt the docs can be any more incomplete than the ones I downloaded smile.gif Besides, some of us are geeky enough to actually have as much (sometimes more!) fun playing with a game's editors than with the actual game.

Well, back to reading GBSTOC.TXT and samples scripts cwm15.gif

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Learn GBS first and GBS-II will be a cake walk. Do not atempt to change the game universe with GBS, just make some mission or ACM scripts - you have been warned biggrin.gif

As to documentation - you have all that is available to the public. Those docs along with a plethora of note taking and trail and error will get ye past the undocumented text. But all is not in vain, if ye manages to get a script or two going and get stuck, post your difficulties in a quasi-intullectual-type manner and your galactic cries fo help will be heard biggrin.gif and quite possibly answered biggrin.gif

IOW - make some scripts and if you get stuck, cry wolf eek.gif

TTFN and welcome to my nightmare cool.gif


Fleet Commander Gallion

(Pro Tem)

GCV Graf Spee, Starbase Cerberus

Fleet Leader - Wraith Fleet (Pro Tem)

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"Run Silent, Run Deep"

Corsair Cove

Official Tester, Battlecruiser Series

Leader, Team 1

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Joel, my reluctance to complete the docs is related to lack of interest. I think my scripts were so kick-ass, that people feel that they can't do any better....except of course, my very own Gallion. biggrin.gif

Recently, in the Beta, I released GBS-II so that Gallion can play around with it and quite possibly help with the creation of tutorial scripts for BCM. If you joined the beta program and start playing around with GBS-II with Gallion, it would motivate me to complete the specs. I just don't want to release something to the public that I cannot support due to lack of time. So far, only a few of my own internal testing crew (Gallion etc), have actually done anything with the original GBS.

I suspect that it would only take me a few hours to cleanup the GBS-II docs and remove all the obsolete stuff - but thats a few hours I could be spenting on something worthwhile, such as BCM development.

Being a developer, I'm sure that you can appreciate this, I think.

ps: I have edited the subject for you.

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