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Rico Jansen

Sup. Cmdr. Karl Reines alterego?

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Either something has gone wrong at Starpath during clonning of the Supreme Commander. Or the Supreme Commander goes beyond the call of duty during afterhours. He is wearing a different 'hat' when he is suppost to.

Sometime last week I was fooling around playing with ACM TOD2. M4/5 just started, and Commlink says I need to pick up the Supreme Commander from Orion. To give me FCC on the upcomming mission. Ok, so I head over and receive the SC aboard. We shake hands, chat up with eachother and all that other male bonding stuff, as we go on our way to Sygan to the task at hand. As we proceed on our journey I ask him if I can make use of his FCC capability now to assemble the fleet in a combatready formation before we arrive. Guess what? He won't. Or he can't.

I don't see why not. Al the neccesary officers are on station (actually all of them, and not yet sleeping on the job), I've seen him do it before on my BC (eventough that was the FCC freeflight mod, and so a different profile), and above all, I really need him to now. Sygan get's to be a beehive on fire in this mission.

Now, don't worry. It's not a futile bugreport, or newby question in the wrong forum. I actually know what's wrong , or actually what's different. This is just something I never heard surfacing here on the board. So I'd like to tell to those that script what I found.

Cheating and peeking in the mission script (I knew I didn't do anything wrong myself) I noticed nothing strange at first looking at the section that brings the SC onboard.

(Link to scripts)



events 204

!detect bc

clear_guest 101,TO,"Dr Myan Rolne is no longer on board"

clear_guest 102,TO,"CMDR Karynia is no longer on board"

create_guest 204,"SCMDR Karl Reines",11,CMO,"Karl Reines is on board commander!"


Is is to do with "204"? No, that's not persona-specific. It's just an assigned numeric ID for the man. "SCMDR Karl Reines"? Nahh, that's Karl alright. ...Right? "11"? Can't be, that's the shiplocation he ends up at. And the rest, well, that's the commlink message when he's beamed over or something.

Then it hit to me. I've never seen "SCMDR Karl Reines" before as my guest listed. When I had FCC. So I checked up on those script too.


create_guest 1,"Karl Reines",11,CMO,"Karl Reines is on board commander!"

See what I see? Becarefull which name you script in. The one with rank can't command, and the one without bosses around. Or let's you anyway. I'd say the names should have been the other way around. But I'm not the one holding the code. And I'm already heading for the airlock BTW. cwm6.gif

I've made a stuppid little script to proof and show the difference. Only the comms messages are not in order. But you must get the message. guesttest.zip


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Noticed the same thing when I was scripting my IACM script. To tell the truth - the whole FCC ticked me off in BC3K unitl I had enough EPs to get the vaulted FCC in my own right w/o a guest on-board.

Good find and explanation Rico biggrin.gif BTW - 90% of what ye learn/know now with BC3K scripting will carry over to BCM scripting eek.gif



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