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Playmod cheat utility released

Supreme Cmdr

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Originally posted by APOLLO:

Has anyone wondered why SC releases cheats for his own game? I have thought 3 possible reasons:

I'd have to say 2, and to keep the userbase quiet.

Some of us don't have the time to play the game to the fullest, in usual fashion. So, we'll have to use cheats to at least get a taste of it. And some of us (like myself) simply enjoy exploring for easter eggs and cool shiznit around the universe.

Cheating won't be allowed in MP (duh), no need to "hope" for SC to do anything about it--he will. He already has the plan to use serial numbers for registration, and to ban violators from multiplayer servers. Sounds like a great plan to me.

To me, playmod's more than cheating. It gives you some special features (debug-ish style), like being able to create intruders in certain places, create guests, and modify ship/crew vital stats and personal factors. It's helped a couple times when trying to recreate bugs in the game.

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Originally posted by Cmdr Nova:

playmod's more than cheating

Did anyone think that I tried to...

Oh no, not at all!!!

When I started playing BCM I wanted the artifacts, the high AI of my crew and ofcourse, the Supreme Cmdr's Rank from the begining of a game. Me, too...

So, if anyone asked me what from the three above would I choose, that would be 3!

Playmod's more that cheating, I agree. BCM, like BC3k, has many variables that can be changed, as I've seen in docs and personal testing. I wouldn't like to use the word "cheat" for playmod. To me, it's something like a "reality" modifier. It CAN be used for cheating, though...

Invinvcibility? That's a true cheat!!!

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