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BCM Trader's Assistant

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OK, its not a mod but all such programs belong in this forum.

I will let the author explain it fully himself, but here is the link (70K)to it.

It is basically a program which gives you info about trading info for station, regions etc. Its quite well written and informative. NO trader should be without.

Since this was developed under MS .NET, you need to download and install the .NET runtime module (think of it as the VB runtime you've had to install in the past, for some programs) for your OS.

Then unzip the program to your folder of choice, e.g. a BCMTA folder in the BCM install folder (though it does NOT need to be there), create a shortcut to the bcmta.exe file and run it. It includes docs and some screen shots of it in action.

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Hello. Hope you find this program useful. It started as a simple utility for myself because I like to trade goods and getting the maximum yield for the trade no matter where I might happen to be in the universe can be a tedious process. This program resolves this issue by giving an immediate capability to see whatÔÇÖs closest to me, in space or planet-side. It was almost finished when I realized this program might be something others are seeking as well so here it is. You can find the link at the begining of this post from the S.C.

It lists every System in the Universe, and every Planet within each system, and all Stations and Bases relative to a particular Planet/Region in a scrollable format. It displays all necessary attributes including inflation, mineral content, class types and a host of other useful information to make the "Trading" experience give maximum yield. It has other features including a complete Filtering system with user-specified criteria. After selecting the desired filters you can "Filter" the entire universe and show things like Planets with specific mineral percentages and station/base inflation levels, etc.

I welcome any questions or comments about this software. Current development activities include a quick Galaxy/Find-planet button to display the universe with the selected planet highlighted for instantly locating it visually.

The .NET Framework: There are many users who still (probably) don't have this installed yet. It is imminent that if you continue to use Microsoft Windows as your operating system you will eventually get this in some form or another, most likely from a software package installation. The future of software development is always in flux when it comes to trying to guess what might be down the road, but it is obvious the .NET Framework is the next generation of tools from Microsoft until something else comes along. As an engineer, and because of the software packages I create, it is important to use the latest technologies available and utilize them for maximum potential. New engineering tools, unlike other types of things in the software industry, do NOT come along on a regular basis. Any new software development package upgrades, as in going from Visual Studio 5 to 6, from 6 to .NET etc, represent something important for the industry or it wouldn't fly. We're a picky bunch. If you don't get it right we throw yours in the trash and move to another.

[NOTE] I have just set up a quick little page on Geocities to host a couple images of the program so you can get an idea of what it looks like. The images I have are a little to massive for Geocities so it squished them but it should give an idea. I reworked them into .GIF files to make them as small as possible (smallest is roughly 80K) since this reduces the color and also tried to adjust their size to best-fit Geocities layout. The very bottom image is totally smashed by geocities to make it fit on their layout. It represents an example of how the filters screen can be user-adjusted to get maximum use of screen real-estate. I don't know how many views will succeed before this sites bandwidth are exhausted for the month but hey at least some will get to pre-view before it fills up.





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