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Design a ship!


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If you were in command of the shipyards and had legions of engineers and welders under your command, what kind of ship would you build? You have no limit in terms of cost or time, and can build absolutely anything.

What would you make?

Would you make something like a borg cube? 10,000 sys engies, 20,000 flight engies, 200,000 marines (try boarding me now!), and around 1000 fighters with enough pilots for 'em all...

Or would you make something like an armed shuttle? Sort of an overgrown fighter that fights like a tiny cap ship.

Personally, I think the Warmonger is perfection itself. I mean, just look at the ship! Its beautiful! Though its not sleek and it doesn't have fancy designs, its simple, rugged, and just has the right feel to it. My only modification would be to add in some fighters, as the lengthy boxlike hull could easily fit in a small fighter compliment, as the shuttles already seem to dock through the doors at the front.

I'd also move the main guns into turreted guns, so there would be a two sets of turrets, one at high power and the other at lower power for taking out those fighters.

I'm not suggesting that we pester our glorious Supreme Cmdr to add in all these ships, but what if you could magically add in your own designs...and these designs include fighters, space stations, and ground vehicles, too!

It would be rather interesting to command a space station. You could launch fighter strikes to nearby regions and defend your shipping lanes, but it would be mostly an economic thing, though I'd take my modified Warmonger over any station or borg cube, any day of the week.

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One thing that might be fun would be a sort of Gunship class ship, ie a bigger, slower fighter that had a couple of PTA turrets for CAS missions (ie fly low over the target and let the PTA rain down hell on an enemy base).

Would be good in space as well, flying deep space escort missions, ie ACM mission 1 if you choose a super carrier that can't keep up with the diplomats.

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Yeah, that would be interesting. But I believe the SC said some time ago, that the bigger the ship, the more processor you need.

You could have a few of those big ships and watch your computer turn into a 386 or even a 286!

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I would make a light carrier/super cruiser

It'd be alot like the starcarrier super cruiser, but have maybe like 2 fighters. and 15 marines.

or even one fighter would be cool, just as a little sports car I could take out on joyrides around insurgent bases while my drones were filling up.

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Id have a massive.. and slow(400 is max speed) .. capital ship.

*no cloaking system

*40 fighters (4 fighters per squad)(10x Zenstar,10x S24 raven, 10x Lfighter, 10x mantis)

*the normal amt of officers

*2 cargo bays that hold 7500 (weapon bays hold 3000)

*5x shuttle MKII 5x shuttle MKIII 4x ATV 2x HAV 4x LAV

*8 officers, 20 pilots, 40 sys eng, 40 flt eng, 40 medic, 100 marines, no rensing.

*cant use TA shield

*cant enter atmosphere (well... you CAN but youll never get the ship back in space if you survive the enterance because youll drop like a rock )

*16 turrets(4 on each side of the ship) 6 main guns that take take 2 seconds to recharge on max pwr hyper jump transit and recharge 180 sec YAW 5 Roll 4 Pitch 5 max armor 50000 max shield 2500

mmmmm just how i like it--- big slow and powerful

of course I had to put some disadvantages because its no fun in battle when the odds are always in your favor.. (i put 50k armor points because the ship will explode anyway before you hit 0 anyway)

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Here would be the stats on my ship, Warmonger MKII

All the same stats as the regular Warmonger, except for:

No main guns, but current turrets are all doubled up, with twice the regular range and fire twice as quickly.

10 flight engies, 10 sys engies, 5 medics, 30 marines, 8 pilots, 4 P21 Vandals, and 2 MKI shuttles. For ground units, perhaps just 2 CAV's. The ship's speed, shields, hull, and other stats would remain the same, but it would be more like a standoff cruiser...not the kind to get into a dogfight, but something that flies straight and level while bombarding things at long range with its turrets with its fighters strafing things to death. Also it wouldn't be much of a space-to-surface asset, but more of a picket or light strike craft for space control.

Oh, quick question, though I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Can you change what kind of fighters/shuttles/ground vehicles your CC carries?

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Hmm...if I could design my own ship...

P-21 Vandal with a Veritech upgrade

A shuttle with a couple PTA turrets. I can't stand how the shuttles are un-armed.

I bet I already know what the SC has in mind for this topic


As fast a Raven. As manoeuvrable as a Zodiac. As big as a Stormcarrier. Equipped with all the artifacts from design. 80 marines. An unlimited load of widow SS missiles, an intelligent CO.... hmmm.....

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When I was reading up on the game, lurking on the 'boards and praying nightly for BCM to come out I envisioned a super carrier with 75 to 90 aircraft (about the same as a US CVN) plus like 1500 Marines one board that could land by shuttle. Or a small, fast, heavily armed ship like the Defiant on Deep Space Nine.

It would be cool if, in some future add-on, there was the ability to add to(not design altogether) or customize your ships. For example pay for an upgrade to add more shuttle bays to an armed transport or replace your shuttle bays with fighter bays.

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Thought the fighter compliments couldn't be changed. Was just a longshot question.

I like the idea of a troop carrier, though. I haven't tried this yet, so I'm not sure if it can be done, but since I get boarded all the time, why can't I try to board someone else? Perhaps a larger sized cruiser with generally weak stats for a ship its size, no fighters, but 4 shuttles, lots of ground assault equipment, and a hefty crew.

10 sysengies, 10 medics, 80 marines, plus the regular officer compliment for a cruiser.

It would be fun beaming aboard large groups of marines aboard enemy ships, and possibly even aboard fighers! There are two seats on fighters, and if its only crewed by the pilot...just beam him in an extra co-pilot.

The marines would cause complete chaos aboard the other ship, possibly even capturing it. Just load up on shields and dance around while avoiding missiles and strafing runs while you let the marines do all your work, then capture the ship, get it under your command, or just strip off everything good and leave them drifting without any fuel at all.

Yes, I'm an evil bastard. Its about time an NPC ship is left drifting helplessly in space with its engines gone and reactor leaking radiation! Damn bastards ought to have at least just finished the job. I drifted for about an hour then crashed into Saturn.

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A basic size corvette would do for an escort duties, with minimal crew and just a fraction more

than a fighter's missile load, also an escort pta destroyer, armed only with PTA turrets. Those opponent capital ships in the game are easy kills. Imagine going against Stormcarriers escorted by a couple of small escort ships wont be as easy.

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Given the games that I've been playing recently, a troop carrier would be excellent:

40 MI marines

20 EF marines

20 SF marines

8x shuttles

8x OCs

high capacity transporter? (ie 20 people rather than 10)

Then I could do big ground invasions in my new RTS way of playing.

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A design of mine from somewhere else, adapted to the bc restrictions (no ion batteries)

6km long, 3km width, 2km high, an highest sublight speed of 0.3c (or about 90,000km/s) taking 1.5 hours to attain, a crew of 200 fengineers and 6000 sengineers, plus a deployment force of 20,000 marines, 90 fighters and their pilots (72 heavy fighters and 12 super (*ahem* cloakable)), 80 shuttles, 850 PTA batteries, 150 missile launchers, 10 sdm-class missile launchers , 25 nuke bays... and if possible 2 heavy mainguns that would probably be the equivalent of 10 pad guns each.

Shields would be about 600,000 in strengh, and armor of nearly 4 millions. The ship would take 1 min to do a 180 degrees turn, which is fast for it's size.

Cargo bays of 350,000 each, weapon bays of 50,000 each.

I realise this ship wouldn't fit in the current jump-gates And would alone destroy the whole gammulan empire

I have the right to dream, no?

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Well I got inspired by Star Wars... I have a more or less official data sheet about the Eclipse-class star-destroyer.... but all (or almost all) of my ships have main guns, since "my" battles cannot be won with the only use of turret batteries (they're for those pesky bombers and small targets). My main guns shoot like VERY LARGE* x-pulse lasers I saw in the mw4bk demo... but in BC iods couldn't probably shoot as far as it would be needed.

*Any bc vessel could fit in the barrel (well maybe not the stormcarrier and the firestorm would probably be tight)

Aside from command ships this is the biggest ship I got.

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hehe, I have the official? starwars reference guides, most of them anyway, I've got the one on vehicles and ships which is my favorite(i've spent sleepless nights dreaming of owning a cloakshape fighter, with attached hyperdrive) anyway, cool...thats about all i've got to say...

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I would like a small frigate class ship, fast, lightly shielded and armed, short range/short term in space, it would be ideal for police, most non-military castes and it would be like the in-between a fighter and a cap ship.

Top Speed: 2500 kph

Turrets: 8 (3 ventral, 3 dorsal,1 on starboard edge, 1 on port edge) *dangit Hal *

Main Guns: 1

width/length: 80/120

Pitch/Roll/Yaw: 32/22/32

Shield: 1200

Armour: 800

HJ Transit Time: 20

HJ Recharge Time: 26

Main Gun shots per second: 10

Main Gun recharge: 350

Main Gun Range: 8 kliks

Min Radar Range: 1

Max Radar Range: 40

Support Craft: 1X Shuttle Mk2

(1XDrone 1X ATV)

Capacities: Initial/Max

1X Cargo Bay 1500

1X Weapon Bay 800

Reactor Fuel 600/1800

Shield Fuel: 800/2200

Cloak Fuel: 10/200

Crew (Assigned/Authorized)

OFFICER - 07/07



SYSENG - 4/4

MEDICS - 4/4

MARINES - 10/10

GUESTS - 0/4


(EDITED: Rather than put up more posts, ill just add stuff below)

Also, the game needs a dedicated troop transport. And even if the current transports allow us to carry marines as "guests", them ships will be limited to less than 20 marines.. hardly a "transport" . I'd like an armed transport that can carry a small regiment of troops in and out of their target areas, and which has enough vehicles to support them.

Assault Transport

Top Speed: 1000 kph

Turrets: 10 (4 ventral, 4 dorsal,1 on starboard edge, 1 on port edge)

Main Guns: 0

width/length: 180/500

Pitch/Roll/Yaw: 5/8/5

Shield: 800

Armour: 1800

HJ Transit Time: 70

HJ Recharge Time: 82

Max Radar Range: 120

Min Radar Range: 1

Support Craft: 6X Shuttle Mk2, (12 Vehicles) 4XATV 2XAPC1 2XCAB 4XLAV

Capacities: Initial/Max

1X Cargo Bay 3000

1X Weapon Bay 400

Reactor Fuel 1000/4000

Shield Fuel: 1200/4000

Crew (Assigned/Authorized)

OFFICER - 07/07



SYSENG - 10/10

MEDICS - 20/20

MARINES - 05/80 (player must "purchase" his marines)

GUESTS - 00/00


Alternatively, 2 "Assault Transports" could be made instead of 1. 1 of them being like the one above but with NO vehicles and with 120 marines, the other one being the same as the above but with 20 vehicles of all kinds and 10 shuttles and with 30 marines (30 marines to have 1 marine to drive each shuttle and vehicle down to target). Making one transport a "Troop carrier" the other one an "Armour Carrier". The transports have no "Transporter".

Similarly, a dedicated FC carrier is also missing

Fleet Carrier

Top Speed: 600 kph

Turrets: 20 (6 ventral, 6 dorsal,4 on starboard edge, 4 on port edge)

Main Guns: 0

width/length: 900/3200

Pitch/Roll/Yaw: 2/6/2

Shield: 5000

Armour: 7000

HJ Transit Time: 140

HJ Recharge Time: 120

Min Radar Range: 1

Max Radar Range: 300

Support Craft:

40 Fighters (10X IC Mk1,10X Zenstar 10X P-21 Vandal, 10X Lightstar)

2X Shuttle Mk2 (4XDrone)

NO vehicles

Capacities: Initial/Max

2X Cargo Bay 5000

2X Weapon Bay 8000 (to house missiles for FC's)

Reactor Fuel 2000/18000

Shield Fuel: 200/6000

Cloak Fuel: 60/1000

OFFICER - 08/08



PILOTS - 80/80

SYSENG - 40/40

FLTENG - 40/40

MEDICS - 10/10

MARINES - 40/40

GUESTS - 00/00


Note: Fleet Carrier has only 20 FC chargers and 20 Launch bays, the other 20 fighters must be charged and loaded onto launch bay prior to launch, they cannot be stored powered up.

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I've had this design in my head for a while now. If I could put it into BCM, it would be cool, but I designed it as if it was a real space cruiser, and had to deal with newtonian physics. As such, the turrets are designed to be able to hit targets at any angle, regardless of the orientation of the cruiser.

She's not that big... say 200 meters long.

cylindrical, with a hump midships for the bridge, and three engines aft arranged vertically.

3 main turret assemblies. Call them IOD turrets in the case of BCM. Each turret assembly consists of a ring or collar that covers the hull 360 degrees, and can rotate 360 in the "roll" plane. Imagine a hamster wheel stuck onto a pipe. The pipe is the ship and the hamster wheel goes over it like a collar, and turns. On the hamster wheel, 180 degrees from each other, go 2 "classical" turrets, like you'd find on a WWII battleship. This whole arrangement would be a single "turret assembly", and would allow the guns to be pointed in any direction. With this setup, even if the target was hiding behind the superstructure of the ship itself, half the guns could still fire.

So, 2 turret assemblies forward of the bridge, one aft. Put a missile launcher on the nose, and put PTA guns on the bridge and engine assemblies, and you've got a true cruiser.


slow: 500-600 speed

not manouverable: on par with the stormcarrier.


3 IOD turret assemblies. 4 IODs on each. Capable of 360 degree by 360 degree rotation.

4 pta turrets

forward firing missiles.

Shields: heavy, I'd wager.

Craft: 1-2 shuttles for ferrying crew.

Personnel: heavy on the Techs, for quick repairs, normal officer complement. Several (10-15) marines for repelling boarders.

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