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GBS TUTORIAL - Creating a personal fp model skin

Supreme Cmdr

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This is quite simple. You can change the model skin for the male or female commander. If you know how to skin a 3D model in 3DS Max.

In fact, you can change it for all the character models.

The models are in the MODELS folder

The skins (aka textures) are in the TEXTURES folder

Here is how BCM works.

When you create a new career in SNG, it matches the sex and race and then dynamically textures the model when you enter the game.

So, if you start with a Terran/Male, the .3D model used is MCMDR.3D and the texture used is MCMDR_TERRAN.BMP.

Likewise, if you start with Empirian/Female, the .3D model used is FCMDR.3D and the texture used is FCMDR_EMPIRIAN.BMP

Only the commanders have this feature though. All the other character models, don't.

Here are the model names for all characters. To see what textures they use, load the model in BCS and go to Model/Info. BCS also allows you to load a new texture set for any model.










So, you can change all the eforce marines to SWAT skins if you know how to remap them in 3DS Max.

So, you can pretty much change all the skins to your hearts delight. Just remember that the model skin explained here, is different from the comms bitmap skin explained here.

If you want to change the bitmap skins for all comms, look for them in the GFXFRONTENDNPC.ZIP file.

And if you want to change the crew faces from the default Terran (say you are playing a Gammulan or you just want different ones), replace the officer and pilot images in GFXFRONTENDNPC.ZIP and you're all set.

Don't forget, you do NOT have to overwrite the game default files when modifying 2D bitmaps (e.g. crew images). You can just copy them to a folder that is in the game path e.g. GFXFRONTEND and the newer versions will be used.

However, the 3D model textures MUST reside in the MODELSTEXTURES folder. So, be sure to backup the defaults.

If you want to change you entire crew to a race of your choice, you can simply take a look at the default race images and come up with your best guestimate as to how your version should look. I can't wait to see someone's rendition of a Gammulan female.

I look forward to seeing an entire Gammulan set of officers and pilots.

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Zbrush is a utility that I could purchase from Game Developer magazine. It's been around for about a year, but what it does - it opens 3dstudio models with their skins attached. And it allows you to edit the skins in 3d mode with a 3d photoshop type edit. It also has many photoshop type plugin features that would let you put lens flares on the female commanders breasts, etc.


Here is the site:


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