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HOW do I change my ship stats for the ROAM scenario

Supreme Cmdr

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Remember, this will invalidate the default ROAM scenario.

This example is just basic, you can go crazy on your own.

This assumes that you are using the MK1 Battlecruiser. If you are using any

other craft, then you need to modify the stats for that craft.


We are going to change (1) weapons fire rate (2) its max speed limit (3) jump transit time (4) HJ recharge time, by editing the system script.

  1. Backup this system file: OBJDEFS.SCR by copying to OBJDEFS.BAK (leave it in
    the same folder!

  2. Open OBJEFS.SCR in Notepad (or any text editor) and go to the definition for the BCRUZMK1 carrier. That would be around line #157.
  3. To change the weapons fire rate to a much faster rate, change the %300 to

  4. To change its max speed limit, change the H1000 to something like H5000
    and it will go faster than the fastest craft (Raven fighter) in the game.

  5. To change the jump transit time, change the J120000 to something
    like J5000. This will bring it from 120 secs to 5 secs.

  6. To change the HJ engine recharge time, change the j90000 to something
    like j5000. This will cause it to recharge (after a jump) in 5 seconds.

  7. Now save the file and close it


Now we are going to create our own Commander career ROAM scenario script by modifying one of the samples provided in the GBS-II distribution.

  1. Go to the SCRIPTSSAMPLESROAM folder and copy those two files to the
    root of the folder (where the PREPARE.EXE file exists).

  2. Using explorer, change the file names to CMDR_BCR0002.DES and CMDR_BCR0002.SCR
  3. Open both of those files (CMDR_BCR0002.DES, CMDR_BCR0002.SCR) in Notepad
    These two files are identical to the versions that ship with the game,
    but NPC auto-generation in space is disabled. We are going to enable this.

  4. First, edit the .DES file and change the line which reads ROAM AND EXPLORE SCENARIO - NO SPACE NPC AUTO-GENERATION to ROAM AND EXPLORE SCENARIO - MY VERSION. You can change the comment section as well, since this script will have AG enabled. Then save the file and close it.
  5. Now edit the .SCR file and go to line #14 and delete it. Do the same with line #27. The reason we delete line #14 is to prevent a warning message about
    that galaxian probe which will not exist. And for line #27, it is because
    that !autogen_on event is not defined, and thus not required. I forgot to
    remove that. Then save the file and close it.


Now we get to prepare our script, copy it to the proper folder etc

  1. Open up an MS-DOS console box and change to the folder where the GBSII
    distribution is installed. This should be in your game install folder. From
    the MS-DOS commandline, do the following...

  2. Type prepare objects and press enter. You are doing this ONLY
    because a system script has been modified. If you were simply creating a new
    script, you would NOT need to do this step.

  3. Type prepare cmdr_bcr0002.scr and press enter. This parses our script and jams in the info from the modified system script.
  4. Type prepare phrases cmdr_bcr0002.scr and press enter. This parses the text in our script (though it won't find any).
  5. Assuming no problems occur in the above three steps, you should now have
    several new files in the folder. Copy these FOUR files to the SCRIPTS folder where the game is installed. CMDR_BCR0002.DAT, CMDR_BCR0002.DES, CMDR_BCR0002.MIS, OBJDEFS.DAT


  1. You're done! Now simply start a ROAM game, then go to the Start New Game (SNG) screen and make your selections. Just be sure to select the Battlecruiser MK1 asset, since thats the one we modified!!
  2. Then go to MISCON and select your new ROAM scenario and go play it!

For those of you not brave enough to try this at home, you can download the modified and newly created files here. Just unzip (with folders) into your game install folder and the files will go to the correct places. Though you also have the modified source scripts in the GBSII folder, you also have the parsed scripts, so all you have to do is run the game.

Remember the following rules....

  1. In order to use GBS-II, you need BCM Gold v1.01.02 or higher
  2. Any changes made to these system files, will affect NPC units as well
  3. If you use any of the scenarios that came with the game, you will probably
    get unpredicible results. e.g. if after modifying OBJDEFS.SCR, the game scenarios will still work, but you will have to start a new game and certain
    changed values (especially in the OBJCLASS.SCR file which you really, truly
    DO NOT want to piss around with) will cause unpredictible results and have
    stability issues. So, if you are going to make changes, you should really
    only use your own scripts if you want reliable results.

  4. The more revisions you make, the more likely you are to ruin your gameplay
    experience. These values have gone through almost ten years of revisions and
    if you think you can do better in ten minutes, be my guest.

EDIT:When you download the file above, the instructions present here are different from the one I have just included in the DOCSHOWTO001.TXT file. This is because I revised the original ROAM scenario sample, before editing it for this tutorial.

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