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Custom particle contrails in BCMG

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I've been messing around with the bcsfx.ini file and I've tweaked some of the CC particle contrails. I tried making them have a longer decay distance so the particles slowly separate and fade away. It looks really cool on some of the CCs, especially the Calnon. I tried to stay with the "theme" of the ship, so the BCMK3 has a firey contrail and I made the Generis have more afterburner looking effects since I've always thought of the Generis as being some sort of advanced jet plane that flys like a normal plane would in the atmosphere...I think the effects really add to the game, they give a different feel to the ships as they cruise along and leave this pretty trail of particles.

Here's some shots:







In case you're wondering, I changed the skin of the BCMK2. I think it looks cooler and more ominous being more gray than blue Plus, it's the ship I normally use...

I suppose I could put the edited version of the ini up for download if anyone really wants to try it out and if it's alright with the moderators.

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