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Supreme Cmdr

New recruits wanting to join, report here

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Greetings to you.

I'm wondering what your policy is on bounty hunters. I would like to RP a bounty hunter type of character, though he won't be going out of his way to raid others (I will participate on the fleet wide raids though, since that's your policy.)

So basiclly.. would you accept a newbie who wants to RP a bounty hunter, but he's not necessarily a raider per se'?

And I noticed that we'll be using heavy cruisers... will upgrading to a new ship be possible once we have enough money or what not?

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Guest Shingen

Everyone in TDH is independent. Which basically means that you live how you want and go after whatever goals you set for yourself. You maintain your own crew, ship and make your credits however you want.

There are only two rules in TDH. Support other TDH Raiders in MP and help in forming a team for the Fleet matches twice a month.

I have suspended this last policy until the next MP patch comes out. So, until that happens, there's one one rule in TDH.

As far as ships, why Raiders are only allowed Heavy Cruisers and not Super Cruisers is beyond me. You'd have to talk to Derek about that one.

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What would be the basic expectations of a TDH raider these days?

I'd like to try to get back into UC but I don't want to make any committments I can't keep like I have done in the past.

I'll go ahead and re-register in the fleet db but I'll understand if my request to rejoin is denied for whatever reason.

I apologize for my unacceptable absence and lack of communication.

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