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Guest Shingen

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The life of a Raider is not an easy one. Most everything is hostile and out for the Raider's blood. That is because Raiders are also out for most everyone else's blood! No Remorse, No regret! Kill or be killed!

For this reason, and because Raiders are almost always out-gunned and undermanned, The Devil's Hand was formed, to ally a bunch of rag-tag Indie Raiders into a force to be feared! This is the only and primary goal of TDH!

TDH is about combat, and it's not for Traders or Diplomats, wannabe Mercs or half-assed Assassins. Raiders live fast and kill faster, we take what we want and kill anything that stands in our way!

However, no one can survive long in the BC MP Universe if they don't have allies and some sort of support. This is the purpose of TDH. To support other Raiders and to insure that TDH members survive and that the enemy dies!

This is the TDH code:


Code of The DevilÔÇÖs Hand Raider

I am the sole commander of an independent terran heavy cruiser that operates outside the boundaries of any and all foreign galactic authorities.

I mercilessly prey on starships of my choosing regardless of their caste and political allegiance.

I do not negotiate the services of my ship and crew to foreign powers.

I fight, kill and capture for no other reason or cause than that of profit and glory.

Lastly, I recognize the need for an alliance among independent commanders within my particular caste for the necessity of mutual protection and for the benefit of greater personal gain.

For these reasons I therefore voluntarily pledge my allegiance to the organization known as ÔÇ£The DevilÔÇÖs HandÔÇØ and will abide by the following code:

I recognize and respect the authority of TDH Fleet Commander.

I will not attack, steal, raid or in any way do harm to members of TDH.

Whenever possible I will respond to distress singles emitted by members of TDH.

I will volunteer to operate and function as a member of a planned MP raiding party under the leadership of the most experienced allied commander available when such cooperation is deemed beneficial and/or necessary.


Firstly, the only reason to have a Raider fleet is for MP matches against other enemy fleets. TDH will be ranked according to it's success or failure, and individual players will be ranked according to number of kills or deaths.

There is no established chain of command in TDH, except I'm in charge and what I say goes! Discussion is encouraged and I'm not that hard to get along with.

Otherwise, every commander is considered Independent and must maintain thier own ship and crew. They follow thier own rules and decide thier own fate.

However, when the call comes for Raiding, and supporting TDH in planned MP matches, members accept the obligation to show up, kill, raid and overcome all enemies!

Most MP matches last for a few hours, twice a month on Sunday afternoons. If you cannot or will not support TDH is these matches, you have no reason to be in the fleet, so don't apply or resign your current membership!

This is the only requirement of TDH membership!

In regular non-fleet MP games, if you are a member of TDH, you will have an ally and someone to watch your back! Otherwise, you are on your own.

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