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Ben Zwycky

MP planetary regions unpopulated

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Problem: Planetary regions in MP are unpopulated, and the game slows down by a factor of 8-9 when located on a planetÔÇÖs surface/ observing a planet in Tacops in MP. Eclipse has also confirmed this issue in a PM exchange we had.

To reproduce (method 1): start new MP game as ter/mil Mobile Infantry Marine, from the default launch base.

When you deploy, you are in an empty region, no models are visible, not even your AEÔÇÖs model, and your location is given as Procon/None/None.

In addition, gameplay is very slow and jerky, all linked sound effects (for example rapid fire shots with the GPMG machine gun) are played with much bigger gaps between them than normal, the FP hud clock runs much slower (one second on the FP clock takes about 8-9 seconds on my machine) and button presses/mouse clicks react very sluggishly. If you enter tacops and zoom out to the whole planet view, no zones of interest are displayed

Method 2: Start new MP game as ter/mil commander from Procon.

Acess Tacops (Alt-S)

Zoom into the planet and select observe.

No zones of interest are displayed in the whole planet view, and the game clock slows down greatly again (by a factor of around 7 on my machine).

I get the same results as method 2 when running a graphics mode server on my machine, zooming into a planet and observing it.

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Let me go look into that and see what gives. Could be missing files or somesuch.

EDIT: Missing MP entries in one of the PTE INI files. I've fixed it.

[ 09-07-2005, 01:36 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]

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