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Coming to a X360 near you - MassEffect


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When you view the E3 video on there website, you'll most likely have the reaction I did:

It's release date is TBA, but I can't help shake the feeling it'll be out late 2007, early 2008

It's an Xbox 360 game..

Before, only Halo 3 and Derek's upcoming game where of interest to me and enough to convince me to buy a 360 sometime before Derek's game would be released.

However, the E3 video of THIS game just made me put the 360 at the top of my list for console's to get.. and here I am low on money (DAMN IT!)


It's being made by Bioware.. so you KNOW it'll be a good game

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

Yeah, I've got my eye on this one too.

Now that's saying something. I admit recently this has caught my eye and I'm with Kalshion when I say I was only planning on buying a 360 for Knightblade.

There's just not a lot on the 360 I'm excited about. Halo 3? Who?

After Halo 2, I'm waiting well after the release date for anything. Because I was sorely disappointed.

Now all I gotta do is wait for word of a sequel to Black

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