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Prospective Gammulan military commanders

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I'm assuming these guys r the biggest targets of them all. I mean currently there is no official gam. fleet to join. These targets will always come up hostile unlike the indies who initially are neutral until they reveal their evil agendas to fleets and neutral targets. But hey, look on the bright side gammulan military commanders, u got the mighty stormcarriers to play with and you should be proud if u choose this craft. Treat her well and u will be a force to be reckoned with. Now u may think I'm gonna ally myself with 'em but not totally true. It would be nice to have new commanders become gammulan military on the forums. When I started the "Know your role" topic in the indies forum, I wanted to gather the Han Solo's, mercs, and privateers and make ourselves known that we are an important element in the GAME and not cannon fodder for the fleets. Many of the fleets consider us targets but when the gammulan military commanders emerge, they will be the ones that the fleets will truly despise as their ultimate threat. I am really impressed when the fleets write epic stories with the 'gams as the villain. Is there gonna be a 'gam fleet and forum in the future? Remember their r many "goodie goodie" fleets to join but don't forget about the opportunity of being a gammulan military commander wielding a "star destroyer" like ship that commands fear and respect. Diversity is what makes the GAME the best their is.

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