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Guest Shingen


Originaly posted by the SC:
Until then, if you are not a Terran/Military or Terran/Insurgent, RP or not, the rank would remain Commander, the ship designation UCV

Does THIS mean we have to change the 'Admiral' to 'Commander' in the RP? I'm getting confused guys..

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I keep saying that the SC is never going to finish this game, sure he'll release it and it will be as bug free as possible, but, BCM still will not do all the things that he wants it to, and some night, he'll be working on GCO, after BCM has gone gold, get a wild hair, and make a patch that makes the BCM a little more the way he wants it. He'll create a first person map, or make a few more mission zones, or something else none of us would even think of. If you think he's gonna be done when it goes gold, well, think again!!

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