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Who can help me?

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Who can help me in creation Active Decktop theme (looks like in Flash-5 - I'm not so good in that programm).

I want to have something like this one.

'white' - is zone where 'red' sign is activated and appears.

Its possible?

[ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: Aleksey Kichigin ]

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Um your link doesn't work, I do know that you can use an html page as your background, and if you wanted to incorprate flash into that then I don't see why not. I once considered doing something like this with my desktop, but haven't gotten around to it (I was going to do a BORG them with my desktop icons hidded and replaced by a FLASH 5 borg node that you click on and it activates certain windows. Never got around to doing it alas, but I guess that is how it goes.

I'm not great with Flash 5, but I am good with HTML, So I could probably incorporate some stuff.

BTW why is that question in this forum?

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Anything is possible. Well, almost anything.

For example, it is not possible to link to a picture on geocities. As I discovered recently you have to create an html page with the image on it, and link to that.

Once that's up, I'd be happy to give you a hand.

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That doesn't always for for me.

However, it did this time.

Sure the buttons aren't hard at all.

Getting them to do what you want may be more difficult, but maybe not, I've never tried.

To create the buttons:

1. Go to Library under Windows, in Flash

2. There should be an Options tag in the top right corner of the library. Click it

3. Then click New Symbol

4. Select Type as Button, and name it.

5. should be a blank canvas. At the top, should be the timeline, with Up, Over, Down, and Hit. Right-Click each of these and select Create Keyframe

6. Up is when the mouse is off doing something else. In your case, leave it blank.

7. Over is when the mouse is over the button. Your text should go here.

8. Down is when the mouse button is down. You could put the text in a different colour, or a little explosion, or whatever. A Hint: if you delete the keyframe and re-create it for an event, it will copy the keyframe before it. If you want nothing to happen (looks wise) when you click, do this.

9. Hit is the area of the button. Create a solid colour (doesn't matter which) rectangle around the text. This won't show up, but it marks the boundry of the button. If your mouse goes over the rectangle area, the Over event will trigger.

10. Save, and go back to your scene. Drag your button onto the background, and place it where you want.

11. Right-click on the buttons, and check out the actions tab. Whatever you put here will happen when you click the button.

12. Save again. To test the button, either go to Control...Enable Buttons, or go to Test Movie.

PS, the best way I've found to insert a background image is to cut and paste it.

This is from memory, but it should be close. Let me know if you have any trouble.

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Cool, Alex! Like they said. You can use HTML, too.

Just use the HTML document as the background, use the picture with an image map. Or, if you want it to change, as in highlight when you hover mouse over it, you can split the picture, and use a Javascript rollover script to make it work, piece by piece.

Of course, I'm not sure how to link to My Computer from HTML. Anyone know how?

[ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]

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He's basically trying to do what I did in the Wraith HQ. Click on the link to the Wraith HQ and go to the Red Light District area.

If you want the FLA for it, e-mail me, ill send it to you, you can modify it if you wish.

$ilk is right, you just have to point the "URL" to the "c:windowsmydocument" or whatever thing you want to open. Just put in the whole path in the hard disk and it will open it. Why you would want to have it as an active desktop, I dont know, I bet that thing will drop your system resources by at least 10%.

[ 08-25-2001: Message edited by: Tac ]

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YES TAC!!! I'm talking about things, similar with YOUR page!

Thats it!...

I don't understand - WHY here links to geocities don't work? when I post my message - all working just fine! (OR it' happen only from my PC? )

Thanks to all! Especially - to BADGERIUS for his time!

I'll try all this things!

Tac, I'll try to email you my pic - and you can understand - what i mean !

Thank you forehand, pal!

[ 08-27-2001: Message edited by: Aleksey Kichigin ]

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