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Who Wants Me (in their fleet)

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Yeah Epsilon 5 you got me hehe.

I was in the middle of writing an indie story for practice RP and happened to wander into Active Worlds where Epsilon 5 reconized my name and gave me coordinates to the village... Then began the resurrection of the commander's village, and the many problems and good times we had there, then came my corruption

To top it off now he's my Squadron Commander...

Well Midnight Green, if you stop in anytime and read these posts, you know we are all good-natured people.

So give one of us a buzz and we will help you choose ORION... I mean a fleet. *Note to self: edit that out so they don't think I am being arbitrary in my helpfulness.

So anyway for information on a good fleet, let me pick a random URL ...

*scrambles in magic hat...

Here you go>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Random URL

I used magic so it will automatically choose the fleet which best suits you

Just doing what I can to help

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Alright (why do I feel like telemarketers are calling my house "hi I'm with Ubercon would you like to buy a Vertical Chicken cooker?") Whew. Well I really do appreciate the fact that there are so many responses to my posts.

This may sound horrible but what exactly do the fleets do? Do we all multiplay when BCM comes out then kick some ass, or do we roleplay in the forums? Both?

Heres what I'm looking for. A fleet that can handle my charming personality (Bite me) A fleet that can handle my tact ($&%# Off), A fleet that can handle my manners (are you gonna finish that?)

A fleet where I can post during the day at work then sign online to really play BCM at night. And a Fleet where I can advance in.

That being said am I still a viable candidate or am I asking too much?

Disclaimer: If this post offends anyone please direct your complaints to the brick wall located over there.

2nd Disclaimer: The use of said "Urinal Patties" was meant to be a joke. Everyone knows they go in the mine tubes.

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Providing you keep your attitude in check (And by that, I mean use of politically incorrect humor, sexism, rascism, homophobic slurs - whether serious or in jest) we may well have use of you in Orion. Judging by your sense of humour (When not overstepping the boundries of good taste) you seem to have the anarchic qualities that are present in some of my best commanders. IF you want an ultra active, dedicated and capable fleet who enjoys nothing better than kicking Insurgent bunnies asses, you may have a home home here. However, you will have to pull your weight, remain active and adhere to the code of conduct that all my people adhere to.

We like unauthadox officers in Orion, but we also respect the word of law. And then, of course, theres my law.

Think about it.

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Well Midnight Green, I believe that you have Orion's endorsement, albeit some (easy) provisions.

As for what fleets do, Roleplay on the forums, organization of assets, and Battle in multiplay whenever it is released.

Basically fleets will be a major component of multiplay - think of "clans"

Flesh out the BC universe - see the RP Forum

And kind of develop some kind of (not story) but... atmosphere to the BC universe. If you read the BC manual you notice it kind of leaves off at the most important part... which is good because BC is about open-ended play and SC has given us to opportunity to make our own stories (think Forgotten Realms, Warhammer, etc.)

So anyhoo, like I said, [email protected] me with any questions, we'll help you get set up with whatever fleet best suits your needs.

Even if you want to be an indy... talk to Riga about that.

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Prime fleet has fewer active commanders than Orion, which makes for more possibilities for advancement.

Prime also has more scope for it's activities. Orion is a heavy assault fleet. (Goes in there with 30 ships and really, really KILLS that long range probe which violated our space ) Prime fleet has no specialization. We're the Galcom Navy, regular force. Sometimes, we'll kill probes. Sometimes, we'll patrol the boundaries of our space. Sometimes, we'll explore, or defend far-flung colonies, or escort diplomatic delagations. We'll do deep recon, and intel gathering, we'll defend our home system. We'll show the flag, hunt pirates, and deliver medical supplies. Anything and everything which Galcom needs doing, we'll do. We even have room for marines and traders.

If you want to do everything that BCM has to offer, in a multiplayer situation, with some fun roleplaying thrown in for good measure, then sign up for Prime Fleet.

Join the Navy, see the inside of a starship...err... I mean, the Galaxy, yeah the Galaxy!

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Ok, I feel the urge to reply here:

MG, you're looking for a fleet, but...


Heres what I'm looking for. A fleet that can handle my charming personality (Bite me) A fleet that can handle my tact ($&%# Off), A fleet that can handle my manners (are you gonna finish that?)

I know the fleet's recruitment officers are probably steaking your house out and are watching your every move. You can apply for one of the fleets, but you'll have to abide with their regime. If you can handle that, by all means join one of them.

I know some guys over at Orion and they are great guys (does this earn me a contract or two??).

On the other hand, as an indie you do not have to answer to anyone. Your charming personality, tact or manners might offend someone, but you do not have to change your behavior, just find another client or victim (depending on your caste). Ehh, just stay well away from the person you offended, especially when he has more firepower than you have.

As a merc you can have at least a cruiser and you might get a heavy cruiser (does anyone know for sure?) so you've got some reasonable firepower. Its actually nice to be hired by a trader to escort him and shoot the sh*t of of a bunch of raiders

Climbing the ladder? We'll we're still looking for directors over at Intercorp.

Merc and Trader are already occupied, but the co-director's places are still open. Read the Organisation thread on what intercorp is all about and also Know your role in 'Misc. Race/Caste Affiliations'

Whatever you choose, choose wisely, you're stuck with it in MP!

EDIT: always get this quotes wrong

[ 08-29-2001: Message edited by: Riga ]

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If any gay guys answer I'm gonna be pissed.


ps: I've corrected the spelling error for you, in the subject. I usually just delete ENTIRE subjects which have bad spelling. Its OK to goof in the post, but in the subject?

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Originally posted by Cmdr Nova:

Hmmm.... Maybe. We're still thinking about an
with Indies......

Ah, i haven't read the entire thread, just the last post (at least at this point in time), but Blades is right about you (wise words).

Just drop us a line if you need us (provided that we get Intercorp off the ground by that time, otherwise... I'm an indie looking for work now aren't I?

Just like you say to us on numerous occasions: Keep up the good work!

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Midnight Green, let me know if you have any trouble in the registration process.

Yes Riga, I will keep you in mind if we ever need any contracts served, as I have no doubt that you will be reliable.

I'm reading up on Intercorps and I have been following the auxiliary fleet topic with some interest.

I will hold off to post my thoughts on either until I am in the correct thread...

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Guest hindot

If your looking for some covert ops and some real action, look no further than the Wraith fleet. Were the first line of defense against any Gammulan invasion. We shed more blood than our other Galcom brothers but get the job done!

[ 08-30-2001: Message edited by: hindot ]

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