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What about Diplomats?

Would you consider them "bad business" if they have any dealings with enemies of yours, or would it depend on what the diplomat had done for them?

You have to ask yourself one simple question: Do you feel lucky?

If so then you can play all sides against the middle. However, be prepared to ante-up when/if the time comes


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Intercorp is sounding more like the YAKUZA to me. Legit bussiness, illegal stuff happening at the same time, yet they claim no responsability or acknowledgment of the actions of its members.

Ask yourself this, if I were to need a transport service, why would I risk my people, my resources by hiring somoene that belongs to an organization renowned for not taking sides or taking accountability for the actions of its members...when I could just as easily hire somoene from another company or a lone wolf whom I can trust more because they do not belong to such a "grey" organization. I, as Fleet leader would not be inclined to use your services after the *1st* time one of your members, vet or newbie he may be, stabs me in the back by leaking info to hostiles or seeing him shooting my comrades or transporting goods to my enemies the day after our deals.

I would actually be far, far more inclined to giving "incentives" to other players to start a transport service for MY fleet...getting paid and receiving free protection of course.

Its not my intention to be mean or anything, but its something Intercorp should be very aware of in the MP enviroment... as a "bussiness" you stand a LOT to lose by taking the neutral-no-responsability- stance. You could be swept off the market by other people starting small, reputable bussiness with the fleets and other organizations.

Hey, thats the word of the day.. Reputable! Lets spell that Kermit.. R.E.P.U.T.A.B.L.E

*Space Elmo Song*


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Well, diplomats should be the exception, IMHO. They are neutral, by definition. They should be able to negotiate with whom ever they choose.

But, if they start playing favorites, then all bets are, of course, off.

Now, as I understand it, Intercorp exists to broker the services of its members. If an organization wants a trader, merc, or assasin, it approaches Intercorp, and Intercorp picks an appropriate member, puts him/her in touch with the organization, arbitrates the negotiations, and skims a bit off the top. So if this is true, if Intercorp brokers a deal with the Insurgents, for example, and the parties launch from a Galcom facility then Intercorp will be held responsible along with the offending ship. If a member of Intercorp takes a job for the Insurgents without retaining the services of Intercorp, and uses our facilities then Intercorp is not responsible, although they'll be down a member.

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