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Gammulan Recruitment Thread


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OK, Since I am now the official Recruitment Officer for The Gammulans, I thought that I would start this thread.

If you have questions about the Gammulans, what we do, what our goals are, why would you enjoy being a Gammulan etc.

Ask those Questions here, Lord David, Myself and the other Gammulans will answer your questions, and hopefully in the process convince you to join up!!

We have a few members now, but of course we want LOTS more!! So come on and ask those questions!!

Lots of open positions, and LOTS of good assets available, STORMCARRIER of course being one!!

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Here's a REAL good reason to become a Gammulan Military member.

I introduce to you, the Gammulan STORMCARRIER!!!

This ship is only allowed to Gammulan Military members.

And that uneasy peace could change at any time!!

Remember, Multiplayer is coming to a computer near you!!!

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Due to possible imminent military activity that may result in moving the Diplomatic fleet farther from home, the Gammulan Patrol Group is now expanding it's ranks. Come help defend the honor and territory of the most powerful race in the galaxy.

Sign up now at:


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OK, enough of the blustering, this is a Gammulan Recruitment thread, if you wanna talk garbage, let's take it to the RP thread, OK?

As a matter of fact, I think that is what I am going to do!!

OK Ladies, If you are all PO'd at me that I deleted all your RP posts, DON'T BE!! This is a GAMMULAN Recruitment thread, not some blow smoke and say your bad, thread!! If it's not about recruitment in the Gammulan Fleet, it WILL BE DELETED!!!


And yes, all the replies that I deleted from this thread are on that one!!

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From : Unknown_Enemy aka Cthulhu

To : Mr Jaguar, Lord David,

I would be honored to apply to a mercenary status in the Gammurian Empire.

I have been working with humanity for countless century by terrorizing some of their specimen, and I have driven mad countless numbers of humans.

To assure you of my motivation, keep in mind that these bastards of humans worked with me until they decided that aliens made better monsters then ME ! Then they fired me and just forgot my existence ! They expulsed me from my ancestral home ! They transformed it in a nuclear testing range !

I just hope this could qualify me for any mission launched against their confederation.

Such outrageous things shall not be forgotten.



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Well I have been diligently working on my signature and I think I did everything alright.

For thos who are undecided about what race to play MP online I'd like to suggest that you choose the one that will be the last standing....

The Gammulans want YOU!

In addition to the sigature file I made, I also made up a little propaganda file that any Gammulan would be proud to own so... just click on the email link, give me a buzz and I'll send it right to you.

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Tired of just being ordinary?

Tired of saying "yes sir!"

Tired of pulling guard duty in friendly space.

Tired of letting all the brass take the credit for what you did?


Become extrordinary NOT ordinary.

Have the MIGHT of the Gammulan Empire with you.

We don't sit and wait to be invaded, we conquer and divide the spoils.

Be an active member of the MIGHTY Gammulan WAR machine in the Gammulan military or better yet a Gammulan Indie with the full support of the Gammulan Military when you need them.

The GALAXY is our playground

So head on over to:


and see your future....

" The Gammulans want YOU! "

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Now then, there are conditions on such help, first, it must be you that gets screwed over, not the other way, this does not give you Carte Blanche to do whatever you want.

Also, if you do get in a situation and need MAJOR help, it will cost you.

There is a price for being an indie, you are independent, as long as you are fair and don't screw anyone, we'll back you up, but if we need your services, we expect to get them, at a MAJOR discount!! as in for free!!

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Originally posted by Outlaw:

Kinda leaves me at a disadvantage my lord. I will defend the empire even if it means not getting paid but in the end who will hire me?

Various people could hire you such as Gammulan civilians, traders, or our friends, the Valkeries. If you successfuly complete *special* missions for us, we might compensate by giving you supplies/weapons/repairs at a discount.

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He brings up a good point Lord David, we need to discuss this and decide what we do and do not expect of Gammulan Indies. If they are given too tight a leash, they will not want to be gammulan, and if they are too loose, then they could get US into trouble.

There must be a nice middle ground that would allow them to remain indie, but at the same time not get into troubles with conflicts of interests with customers.

Outlaw, Lord David and Advil and I will discuss it in private, and will make a public announcement of some sort in the next few days. Don't freak out!!

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Sounds good my lord and I will not change my allegiance nor my race other than Gammulan. I am proud to be a Gammulan. We live to conquer our enemies by strength. BTW, call me by my Gammulan name, Valdemar. I chose this particular name from the indie merc in the playstation space combat game, Colony Wars: Red Sun.

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Indeed Commander Jason,

We are going to have fun with MP, we have a defensive fleet and an offensive fleet. Decide which you might better fit in with, we are also looking for station commanders as well. There are LOTS of positions in the Gammulan fleet available.

And we are a warrior race, and therefore will be on the offensive ALOT!! We will take over worlds, space stations, etc, etc. We will take over things until there is nothing left in our sectors to take over, then we will move on, there is lots of space to have, thanks to the SC's hard work, and we plan on taking as much of it as we can!!

That would also mean giving up any command postitions in Prime Fleet, you can still be in a wing etc, but only as a grunt so to speak. So you will have to look at it closely before making a decision. We can discuss possible positions etc in the Gammulan fleet before you actually make a decision.

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