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Hi all!

Just another one of your friendly ISS fleet updates. After taking a break from the verbal war going on with the Gammulan Bore (I mean, War) Council, I did some work on the ISS logo. I just wasn't happy with it. For a start, it only showed Earth, when the ISS protects Sol, Alpha Centair, and Omicron Eridani. So I've redesigned it. I've resubmitted it, so pending authorisation, I introduce the official ISS fleet logo.


The animated version of our logo (down to fleet level, we're still working on Wing logos) is:


Hope you all like it!


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The wing logos are done now and have been approved by the fleet commander. For your viewing pleasure I present the ISS Fleet's wing logos!






Destrier, Centaur, Unicorn and Pegasus are the work of Cmdr von Schaffen and Chimaera is the work of Cmdr Keenan

[ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: buckthesystem ]

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Cmdr Jamont posted on 11-20-2001

yup you should have joined the iss then

you still can though

Thanks for the offer but I'm really tied down with RL and might not be online for long periods of time, its better that I stick with the UCVs for now.

Maybe next time...

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