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Thanks Gudihl!

And sorry if we started to discuss in the wrong thread.

I am moving my posts here:

I am proposing a new Recruitment Poster animation in Flash!

It's for Prime Fleet, maybe text need some fixing, but high rank cmdr of Prime could help me out on this.

Please visit the following URL:


After some nice comments by other cmdrs and a feedback by cmdr Demolition:

Thanks to everyone.

Cmdr. Demolition, I know that BCM is located in a small portion of a Galaxy, but I took the idea from the movie Contact (with Jodie Foster): right at the beginning of the movie there is a similar animation (obviously not done with Flash, but with some powerful 3D engine) but moving from Earth to outside the Milky Way.

I was thinking that at the end of the animation I could stick the Recruitment Poster proposed by Cmdr Badgerius a few posts above.

What would you think?

[i tried to delete my posts i the Gallery forum, but I can't. Gudihl can you cancel them, just to clean up the thread for me, thanks.]

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Guest Remo Williams

I like Badgerius's recruitment poster the way it is. Theres nothing wrong with making a couple recruitment flash videos though. Any thing that lets the noobs know what Prime is about is a good thing IMO.

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I liked the tour of the galaxy. Only you made a spelling error somewhere. Galaxies (plural/more than one) instead of Galaxy (just a single one).

But it ended quite abruptly in my experience. I hope it's not all there is too it. Because it doesn't really say anything about Prime and it's cause.

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Thanks cmdrs.

Yes, I am aware of my mistake on Galaxy that should be plural (my English sucks, and I work in a large US firm!!!! Shame on me!!! )

Also, it should not end that way (abruptly with nothing but stars in background), and the text was just a quick idea of what it could be. I would like to ask for your help on what it should say. Maybe this weekend I will fix some of the errors. Stay tuned!

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I agree with Badgerius

i turned up my sound hoping to find some cool music playing low along with it.

i dunno what it is but the beginning seems outta place. as i said kinda comical and in a recruitment we want then interested not chuckling

other wise it is great, im not the best with words so some one else can help you there.

I could scower the internet for some background music to go along with it, or we could use the BCM theme song, i loved that, and it'll fit in with the theme, we are Galcom

ooooo!!!!...just had a brain though(very rare )

It could talk about Prime fleet, and then to end off say

We are Galcom's First and Last line of defence...


what do ya say?

btw, the ... is to kinda make that line disappear and then the line below appears

maybe keep ... in if it looks good but can do that poss just the same by having that line fade out and the next line appear

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Maybe I found some good music... let me try.

Demolition, when you say 'comical' and 'out of place' are you referring to the text or to the animation?

The text is just random words and sentences I put to show what it could come out of it. I agree it does not make sens.

But if you mean that the animation is comical, please, tell me where? I can try to fix it.

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Oh, so it was the animation.

Well, as I said it is just an idea taken from the movie "Contact", right at the very beginning of that movie, only it was reverse: from earth to space.

I did not use any 3d software, this is why it look kind of a cartoon. Sorry for that. Unfortunately I am still thinking if I should spend $200 for a software that would allow me to do some 3D animation in Flash, and since web design is just a hobby for me, it is quite a lot of money.

All you see is just an easy 2d flash movie, it took me about one weekend to finish, and most of the time was spent searching the web for the right graphics (Nasa website helped me a lot!).

I absolutely agree with you that it does not look like real, but for the moment that is what I can do with a simple 2d engine.

Should I decide to buy that software, which is Swift 3D (does anybody knows it? is it easy to use?) it could take me a while to learn, since I have no knowledge of 3D graphic or animation at all. But I promise that I will work hard to rebuild this animation.

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciated. I wish more Prime Fleet members were this cooperative.

See you in space!

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Is it possibe to get a demo of the mentioned software?

I'd be willing to chip in if i was assured i could learn and use the software.

Maybe other could do the same there fore bringing down the price per person, i would like the site to look good and realistic, this also applies to the animation and flash movies.

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No demo yet for the stand alone version. SIgh!

But there is a plugin for 3D studio max (which I do not have, double sigh!).

Anyway, I just found another software that looks like it could do the job as well: 3D Flash Animator, which is cheap and the demo is downloadable. You can find it here http://www.insanetools.com

This evening I will give it a try!

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Guest Grayfox

hehe thx remo. i seen the navy commercial with the SEALs doing a zodiac infil with godsmack playing in the background and it got me mad. mad because Army couldnt come up with something similar, something other than that crappy "army of one"...

but thank you for the compliment

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Guest Grayfox

see what you can come up with for what??? it was just an idea i had...

and thx. if we have an orion patch or 22nd IMB patch, i was gonna put it in at the end instead of the formation screenie.

[ 02-08-2002, 10:59: Message edited by: Grayfox ]

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