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Orion Fleet Enlistment

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So you're looking to join GalCom?

Orion Fleet is looking for a few fresh faces to join the fray against the onslaught of Insurgent and Gammulan oppressors.

As $ilk, our current recruitment officer, and Lockjaw before him have said before, Orion Fleet is crucial in the battle against the Gammulans and Insurgents. We are the major strike force for GalCom. Not only do we hold Earth's back door closed from the pesky Gammulans, we're in extremely close proximity to the massive Insurgent "New America" superstation in Midae. Joining us is the opportunity to see the universe in such exotic locations as you have never seen before.

We have the skills. We have the firepower. We have the will. We will prevail.......

Join Orion. See the universe. Save the human race........



(To request application, post here.)

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