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Gammulan Roll Call

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Originally posted by Advil:

Lol! That was a great series. A friend of mine owns the whole thing on DVD and I sat down and watched them all in order in one weekend. Awesome.

The shrooms episode was my favorite I think.

have you seen any Monty Python movies?

King Arthur: I am your king!

Peasant: I didn't vote for you!

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Don't worry, I'm still here I'll work on updating the webpage later today.

Dragon Lady, you have been assigned to the Diplomacy Fleet.

Reguarding ship types and the allocation of Gammulan military recources to those of the Gammulan military, it will be delt with soon - quite soon.

(Hmm... post number 666........ I wonder.... )

[ 09-16-2002, 02:43 PM: Message edited by: LordDavid ]

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For the time being, the Gammulan website will be in null space since I moved and no longer use ATTBI for an ISP. I will be trying to find a different webpage host in the meantime. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to post them.

[ 09-17-2002, 12:52 AM: Message edited by: LordDavid ]

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Hmmm...sorry it took so long for me to tell you guys...but I'm here in bandera...so freakin hot and humid here...I dont see how anybody can live in a place like this.

But wait, there's more! I'm not on a 56k modem, but a 28.8! the 56k modem in my mom's comp doesn't work right, so it only connects at like 20kbps. So, an uber slow connection shared by 3 people, until I get my laptop on the network, then a whopping 4 people on this one connection.

And if that wasn't enough, I got about 6 more months to wait...well, sorta. I'm hoping in 6 months to get back to Odessa and back to my broadband. And to the dry heat...

Plus, add on all my personal problems here, and how my brain works, it's a wonder how I am still sane...or am I...the world may never know...

So, uh... What should I put in my sig? Retired? MIA?

I'm hoping I can come back...

-Commander Genken of the GMV-Felt Tip Pen

==-End Transmission-==

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Don't worry about it Genken, we'll put you on administrative leave for right now.

He'll be back!!

Sorry, but it must suck to be you right now!! Argh, 20K would drive me NUTS!!!

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We shall come like a plague of death and for every ship we loose we will extract vengeance tenfold. When at last our mighty fleet is at the very doorstep of the foul humans we shall destroy there stations and rain fire down upon mars until the stones flow and the very ground is stained red with the blood of our putrid foes. And when the homeworld of this most loathsome of species is laid low, all shall cower before us least there most sacred of worlds be reduced to an airless rock. And our fleets will rule all of the galaxy, for even the most foolish alien will fear us for what we shall do to mars Oh, wait, there homeworld is earth isnt it Damn!


Yep, 7:00 humor, dont you love it. I think Ill just go back to sharpening my fingernails

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