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joining a fleet

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I am sure this is not the proper place to post this.. but after 4 glasses of wine.. it will do!!

I would like to join a fleet. I have completed the single campagnes with a Questor. I have also dented them with a Megaron. I seek more of a challange.. live AI is the solution. Cruisers seem to be the game play I prefer.. ...Damn those dumbass fighters let them attack that starbase..... One too many headaches in that direction. I prefer the simple 'mano a mano' approach. Anyway, if anyone needs a daring

Commander that knows his way around a battle give me a tell.. I would love to join your cause.. Lost causes are particularily attractive...


Commander of the currently independent

Questor 'Manticore'

PS my email address is

[email protected]

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Guest Remo Williams


Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason:

since Prime's site is down for awhile you should contact Remo Williams if u want to join Prime fleet.

Thank Elio, But all he needs to do is register in the fleet database to join a fleet. Then the FC of the fleet he joins will approve or deny his registration.

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Of course do be sure to thoroughly check out the fleets before you apply. Make sure you know what you are getting into and can live with the factions beliefs.

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Hi Wyshnik, glad to see that you've found a group for yourself.

Anyone who isn't yet a member of a group (fleet or non-fleet) may find the following links to be useful:

  1. Go to the home page of this site: http://www.3000ad.com/
  2. In the table of options to the right, click on the FLEETS button (6th from the bottom and directly bellow the FORUMS button).
  3. Briefly scan the page then click on the Fleets FAQ button (located at the end of the 3rd paragraph).
  4. Read the FAQ thoroughly and return to the FORUMS.

If, after that, you still have any un-answered questions:

  1. click on the search function (located at the top of every forum page, to the left of the login or my profile button),
  2. type keyword(s) such as 'fleet member' into the 'Search Words:' field, and
  3. select the options to

    1. 'Match any of the search terms above.'
    2. '┬╗ General Fleet Discussions'
    3. 'Subject Only'
    4. 'Any Date'

This is what I found; unless otherwise indicated, all of the following threads were located in

General Fleet Discussions:

  1. Which fleet will it be?
  2. Fleets?
  3. New Recruit looking for a fleet
  4. And if I want to join a fleet...
  5. Ok I'm considering joining a fleet....
  6. Who wants a new member?
  7. fleets
  8. Looking to join a fleet
  9. Fleet DB - Attention New Members
  10. what do fleets do?
  11. Getting into a fleet
  12. How do I join a Fleet?
  13. Joining a fleet?
  14. Functions of Fleets
  15. Fleet join procedure/prereqs
  16. Fleets.... what are they for and how to join....
  17. joining a fleet

The preceding threads cover:

[*]what fleets are,

[*]how they work, and

[*]what specific ones do in Role-Play (RP) and Multi-Player (MP)

[*]plus some unrelated info

This list does not include topics specifically devoted to fleet recruitment, other non-fleet affiliated groups or the Fleet DateBase. The forum for non-fleet groups is Misc. Race/Caste Affiliations.

If you want to learn more about a particular fleet or group send a PM to the Fleet Leader or a prominent member of the non-fleet group.

Take your time (like me), choose wisely and have fun!

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NICE post Quazar, very complete and full of info, WELL done!!

And you're from Oregon, I used to be from Oregon, Forest Grove as a matter of fact, now I live in Washington, born and raised here, and home again.

Anyway, just wanted to comment on the excellent post.

Now, onto the first post, if you want to be OFFENSE ALL OF THE TIME, join the Gammulan Diplomacy Fleet, I happen to be it's leader, yes, so I am a bit prejudiced for the Gammulan fleet.

Think about it, and I will be putting the link up for the new Gammulan website before the end of the year. I have been busy as I'll get out, but I will get that page up if it kills me!! LOL

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One thing that I forgot to mention above is how to join a fleet/group once you have chosen the one to which you can best relate.

  1. Go to the Fleet DateBase.
  2. You are given the choice to either:

    1. Login to an existing fleet profile at the current screen, or
    2. follow the Register link to create a new profile

[*]When joining a fleet/group, do not mix incompatible attributes such as "Valkerie Insurgent, Orion Fleet"; the registration page itself explains everything else fairly well.

[*]After you have submitted your registration, you must wait for approval or denial from the leader of your desired fleet or group.

[*]If the fleet/group doesn't acknowledge receipt of your registration within two weeks, send a Private Message (PM) to either the leader or any designated recruitment officer.

[*]If no one from that group responds to your request for another two weeks, then send a PM to Jaguar, Cmdr Chavik, or some other prominent forum member and explain the situation clearly. Ask one of these people for help before you bother the Supreme Cmdr.

Hint: The best way to send someone a PM is to find one of that person's posts and click the button at the top that looks like this priv_message.gif

Again, take your time, choose wisely and have fun!

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