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Ship Designs Information

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First off, hello.

(I do not really know if it belongs in Fleet discussions, or RPG... but it seems that fleet would be simpler.)

I am interested in more information about the design that went into the ships that are present in the game.

Namely, which designs would be specific/typical to each race?

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Yes thank you i realise that.

But my question is more in the aspects of who originally designed them, what geometry lines of construction are favoured by each race, etc.

I realise all have access to everything, which can be good and yet confusing...

What would be the origin of each ship design?

Ok the lines of the stormcarrier would be coherant with Gammulan ship design for ex. Fighters in the same geometry lines should be also (or not), for ex.

More specifically what design backstory) went into the design of each in the developers minds (if any), or is it just random to say the least.

[Which i assume only who actually built and/or designed the 3d models could answer...]

If the answer to the above is null, then what standard typical ships are more often used by each Registered Fleet (in RPG), for example?

Basically which design origin once again, and not what can be accessed (captured for eg)... or does everyone everywhere build the same things the same way??

Trying to put some "Cosmos" (order) from this Chaos in my universe.

I know these series have been goin on for a quite some time, so I would like the community members opinion in this issue if possible to see if there is some concensus on this... i hope.

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