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The fleet situation....

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I've looked at the various fleets available to the average player and having always loved the Klingons of Trek I am considering the Gammulan group. That said I think there is room for a more business oriented fleet. I'm thinking of a kind of space "mob" with unsavory types that can abide a code of "Honor amongst rogues." Obviously, this kind of group would not be militaristic but instead would operate from a greed or need mentality. Ofcourse occassionally other fleets might have a need to be discrete about certain activities (assassinations, incursions into territory, etc.) and this new fleet might provide an avenue of opportunity for plausible deniability *snickers*.

If I were to start a fleet like this and by some stroke of mad luck get it approved, I would seek skillful, like minded players that prefer a less regimented approach to the "fleet" thing. Obviously a prerequisite to joining would be that you be willing to get a little blood on your hands from time to time. I am certain that a spacing guild of this type might be hunted and or excluded from normal universal business... thus it will undoubtedly be thrust upon us from the start to educate established fleets as to the follie of such a decision. Is that too much a burden to carry?

Anyway, if I have overlooked a fleet that offers this type of alternative to the militaristic groups let me know. Obviously, comments and suggestions are appreciated... I'm a noob


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All fleets have there secrets, hell I wouldn't be surprised if Galcom or the Gammy's have such a fleet that no one knows about.

Anywho, just a quicky

You need a certain number of people to start up a fleet.. and even then you need it approved and a website along with a forum (if I remember correctly)

Its hard to get a fleet approved from what I read somewhere, but I think only the SC can truely answer you're question (in other words.. good luck)

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