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Fleet Signature Guidelines

Guest Remo Williams

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Guest Remo Williams

Attention Fleet Leaders

If you can recall back in 2000-2001 the Supreme commander hand down guidelines for fleet sigs so all fleets would use a unified sig format. It appears over time that this was lost to the current FLÔÇÖs so I will repost the guidelines here since I cannot locate the original topic before I begin enforcement of the guideline. This is how all-fleet signatures should be formatted I will provide a few examples.

Line one should be your rank and name.

Rank ÔÇô Name

Line two should contain your ship name and launch base with location in brackets.

ECV-Ship Name, StarStation Name (location)

Line three should contain your current assignment and fleet name.

Assignment ÔÇô Fleet Name

There are NO individual mottoÔÇÖs for fleet members or stations all members of a fleet must use the same motto that is decided upon by the FL or none at all. The only exception is that your FL may decide to let each wing and battalion use separate mottos. This is ok but each member of the wing or battalion must uses the same motto no exception.

Here are a few examples of how your sigs should look.

Cmdr. Marc wubbema

GCV- Cumbaba, ISS HQ(Saturn)

Wing Leader, Defence Wing ÔÇô ISS Fleet

There should be no reference to your Alliance as people will know your Alliance automatically when they see your fleet name.

Here is another example.

Strategic Cmdr. Ben Zwycky

GCV-Svoboda, ISS HQ(Saturn)

Fleet Leader ÔÇô ISS Fleet

Here is one more for the cadets.

Cadet Remo

GCV-Lexington, GalCom HQ(Earth)

Prime Fleet Training Academy

Well there you have it sigs should contain nothing more or nothing less. RP members are to use launch bases and locations from the SP universe while MP members will use the MP universe launch bases and locations. If you have any questions please post them here.

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Guest Remo Williams


Originally posted by Eclipse:

and people who do both RP and MP should use which universe as their launch base?

Good question, I would say either one its up to the FL in that case scenario.

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