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Ben Zwycky

Attention Those Wishing To Join A Galcom Fleet!

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In the spirit of co-operation between the galcom fleets and in order to avoid the problem of people applying to more than one fleet at once, by unanimous vote among Galcom fleet leaders an alliance-wide Galcom Academy has been formed and is in the final stages of preparation to receive it's first applicants.

Once it is officially opened (in the next couple of days), all new applicants to a Galcom fleet will be directed there for initial combat training and instruction on the various roles that the fleets have, it will no longer be possible to apply to a Galcom fleet directly. Once you enroll at Galcom Academy, you will be unable to move on to any non-galcom fleet. If you wish to join the Insurgents or other organisation, you must approach them yourself.

Once you graduate, you can then move on to a specific Galcom fleet for further fleet-specific training and full fleet membership, with all that entails.

The academy will cater for those with Universal Combat, Universal Combat: A World Apart, and Universal Combat: Special Edition, providing a UC multiplayer server on request for online training sessions, and downloadable offline training missions for those currently unable to play online, but who still wish to take part in fleet activities.

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