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If you were paying attention, you would have noticed a new Support link at the top right corner of the main board options. This has nothing to do with IP.Board. It is a link to our new ticket based tech support system.

The main site page is also undergoing minor revisions and that link will be there by the end of the week.

Tech support related discussions should still be conducted here on the boards and a support ticket should ONLY be created when requested to do so or if other avenues fail to resolve your problem. Since you have to register in order to use the ticket system, any form of abuse will be met with the usual consequences : you'll be banned

Both of the games (UCCE and GES) coming out in the next week or so, are based on established technologies. So it is highly unlikely that anything new will crop up.

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I have personally deleted two tech support related posts and banned one user from posting for 30 days because he repeatedly created the same topic after it was deleted before.

The rules around here have NOT changed. So, if you're new or just rusty on the details, you might want to read up on them again.

Also, there is now a tech support ticket system which can be used ONLY if you have SEARCHED the forums and not found an answer. In the coming weeks, the ticket system will also be populated with known FAQ related items.

As it stands, there isn't a single issue in ANY of these games that hasn't already been known and/or addressed. Most of those issues boil down to video or audio drivers issues which have nothing to do with the game, and thus will not be addressed by us. Developers can't fix what they can't reproduce.

Anyone violating these guidelines, will be banned from posting. No excuses. No exceptions.

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