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Starforce DRM (aka Copy Protection) Licensing & Product Activation

Supreme Cmdr

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Starforce changed the activation login server when they released their newer product.

For UCG and UCAWA, use the 1.0 activation site

For UCSE, use the 2.0 activation site

NOTE: This is for versions purchased through BMT Micro or Digital River and only for the titles above. UCSE was the last title to use Starforce. Also, we do not - and never have - used their much maligned disc based protection scheme.

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We no longer use Starforce for the protection of our games.

This means that all previous products sold through Digital River & BMT Micro will no longer have patch updates. Not that they need it anyway; so this is just an FYI.

The versions below are the last versions to use Starforce. All recent versions do not use it.

Universal Combat Gold v1.00.03

Universal Combat A World Apart v1.00.20

Universal Combat Special Edition v1.00.03.01

Universal Combat Collector's Edition v1.00.04.01

So if you do apply a more recent update (if available), you will invalidate your pre-existing Starforce DRM key. In which case you would need a new DRM key from the current DRM being used. In order to obtain a new DRM key for the newer patches, send the following information to [email protected].

  1. Full name
  2. Email receipt showing your original purchase and previous DRM key
  3. The harware serial code displayed when you run the new patch. That code is in the format XXXX-XXXX

We need your copy of your email receipt showing the product purchase. Without this, you will not get a new key. NO EXCEPTIONS

When you get the new key, simply run the game again and enter the name and key as provided.

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