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Delete instead of Load...

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Ok, I'm a dope, I admit it... lets get that out of the way...

When I went to load one of my career mode save game files in UCCE... I must have selected "Delete" instead of "Restore" and then selected yes without paying attention...

My entrie career mode player and all of the save games under him "went away". Without a backup for 7 days, they are not available in the restore utility in Windows XP...

I know... I am royally ouched... right? or am I...

Is there any utility out there to scan my hard drive and restore the data that has been "deleted"?

I am not sure how many hours I have put into it but I had been doing pretty good and I hate to lose all of that time...

Be gentle... please...

Spectre... ;)

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Damn, I thouht having to clone one of your 70+ AI pilot was the worst that could happen, but I think I take it how you feel.

Don't have a clue about your particular problem, but you should really register your game in your profile before youknowho comes in and reminds you what you should and shouldn't do with no system profile information ;)

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This is not a tech support issue. In the future, please post in the correct forum or risk immediate deletion.

As to your problem, there are far too many undelete utilities on the internet to count. So why you're even posting here about about a systematic OS issue, baffles me. If you want to rescue your game profile, you have to get an undelete utility. The process is no different from when you accidentally delete any other file from your computer.

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