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[UCCE] Cheat Mode

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You can enable cheat mode in UCCE using the /opt_cheats_on commandline parameter. Can be used in conjunction with the /i invisibility cheat.

  1. Adds a CHEATS menu in the game cockpit from where you can create
    any asset you like and include them in the game world. Great for creating your
    own quick fleet or just checking out stuff you would normally need to play the
    game for years to see.

  2. CTRL+Q allows you to do a quick save of the game without quitting. This is
    not very reliable, so use with caution!!. If you are going to use it, be
    sure that you had first created a full save (ALT+G) game.

  3. ALT+SHIFT+G will create a number of random friendly (TER/MIL) fighters
    around your craft.

  4. ALT+SHIFT+H will create a number of random enemy fighters around your craft.

  5. Increased speed (press 9, then hold down W to exceed your craft's
    dynamics). In the Commander carrier, go to Logistix and set your engine power
    to 10 as this increases the max thrust that the craft can achieve.

  6. Ability to return to your asset by pressing SHIFT+ESC (so you don't have
    to target the ship first and dock with it

  7. Target an object in the TRS, viewing it in the VDD and pressing ALT+X allows
    you to destroy it without firing a single shot. If there is no target, you will
    destroy yourself!!

  8. Target an object in the TRS, viewing it in the VDD and pressing ALT+W allows
    you to damage it without firing a single shot. If there is no target, you will
    damage yourself!!

  9. Allows you to leave planet at any altitude by pressing SHIFT+9

  10. SHIFT+T accelerates time. When on the planet, this can be used to see the
    various transitions (e.g. progressive dusk to dawn). Earth has a bunch of
    different climate/weather transitions. To monitor the current climate, time,
    weather, check the NID/NIR mode.


    This will also toggle the TRS on/off with each press. So be sure to turn it back on.

  11. When on the planet, CTRL+K and CTRL+L cycle through all the weather
    patterns without any region restrictions.

  12. Allows you to target a jump anomaly (e.g. jump gate) in the NID and use ALT+SHIFT+J
    to jump to the target region without having to fly to and enter the jump anomaly.

  13. in first person mode, you can use the transporter to transport yourself
    to any location on the current planet. To use this, use the transporter option
    in Tacops (ALT+S), select a location using setpos and then press the deploy
    button. This works even if the button is not enabled (since you can still press
    it). Note, this cheat works with all careers *except* for the Commander career.

  14. Increased O2 levels when swimming under water.

  15. Increased jetpack speed and more power (Commander and EF marine only).

  16. Perpetual fleet C&C control, allowing you to order most NPC units as if they
    were part of your fleet.

  17. Gives you the HSD artifact, allowing you to left-click on the location hotspot
    (lower left corner of HUD) and warp to any space region without actually flying there.

  18. Gives you extended radar ranges e.g. in first person mode. The DIE radar is
    limited to 50km without this cheat

  19. Allows your Commander to enter and control any asset found on planets (e.g.
    vehicles, fighters) without any career based restrictions

  20. Allows you to use the RANDOM weapon to destroy entire planets with no
    repercusions (i.e. no violations)

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