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something I've been meaning to ask about the ground units...

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Ok, I have a mayhem tank, it can load 10 missiles, but not fire them. (although the appendix says it can't load any, So I assume its a bug) And while I can track objects with both the main turret and the minigun, I can only fire from the minigun.

Also some units have more than 2 turrets. Is it possible to track and fire with those additional guns as well?

But even if I could, I can personally only use one at a time right? So is there anyway to get a marine (or the onboard computer) to use a turret so that multi turreted vehicles are used to thier full potential?

Another thing is that I read somewhere that marines will follow you into a vehicle if they are assigned to escort you, but they don't seem to be doing that. Do they need a certain AI level or was this option replaced with a command I missed somewhere along the line?

Am I missing something? or is this portion of the game just unfinished and/or bugged?

anyway, thanks for your time!

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Its not a bug. Vehicle units use the same ordnance. Whether you can fire them or not depends on the unit. Obviously a tank can't fire missiles.

Unless you're a team leader, they won't follow you.

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