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Does the new Collectors Edition of Universal Combat contain any kind of Starforce?

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The DVD-ROM and Direct2Drive digital distribution version use Sony's SecuRom. The BMT Micro UCSE-to-UCCE upgrade and the Digital River distribution versions use Software Passport.

Like several devs/pubs, we no longer use Starforce for our games.

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My biggest question right now is related directly to this. If I were to buy the boxed version of UC:CE which I'm guessing is what you meant by DVD-Rom, then it would come with the Sony's SecuRom correct? I don't have the internet at home at the moment so my question is, will I be able to play UC:CE Without internet connection? Can I call a number to activate it for example?

<edit> found the answer to this queston in another thread. SC Himself stated that it only checks to make sure you have the DVD in your drive so No, I won't need the internet to do this. -jumps out an air lock for not searching harder for the answer to this before asking-

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