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Modding for UCCE questions


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As a soon to be new player here and avid tweaker/modder of games I play, I am curious as to what can (and should/shouldn't) be done to the UC game world.

1. Is there any sort of exchange of mods/scripts for the game elsewhere? I noticed a few interesting looking mods in this forum but all seem to be over a year old and no longer available on the file share services they were hosted on. If not, would players who've made mods and are still active here mind putting stuff they've made back up for us new recruits :lol2:

2. will mods/scripts from older game builds work with UCCE okay or should I only use ones built for that version? Assuming I find any.

3. Are there any mods/tweaks to the game that experienced players would recommend I make? (even just for fun)

4. Are there any helpful modding tutorials on the web for this game? I saw a couple scripting tips in this forum which will help get me started.

Thank you for any information. I hope to soon be an active and supportive member of this community.

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I know you can't edit the files in the data directory of the game. Unfortunately that's the information I would like to.

I tried copying the files to the mods directory and editing them there to see if the game would read those and accept those edits but had no luck.

My next attempt will be to read more about mission/campaign scripting to see if it's possible to change any of that information there (for that campaign only).

Modifications I would like to make would be to:

Edit or create new gear load outs for the AE in First person mode. Like a heavy combat Commander load out and other ideas I had.

Edit first person weapon stats. Some seem odd (I think I saw an assault rifle with more range than a sniper rifle). Also, I'd like to experiment with all around range reduction to make combat more close quarters. say limit max range to 1000 for snipers, 500 for assault rifles and go down from there (rocket launchers seemed about right though).

I haven't messed around in space enough to know what I'd like to play with in that area yet.

Someone kill my dreams if I can't do this stuff or throw me a bone if they know what direction I should go in. Otherwise I'll keep at it and report any results.

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I also am interested in editing certain values, I would like to force enemy ships to get to a range of 0.5km before entering a jump point (this gives me more time to crush them).

Also, strange thing happened where one of the star stations I captured changed to disabled after I had my (and the stations) shuttles tow several disabled fighters and shuttles to the station. The timer reset to 4:00 hours and never commenced countdown to rebuild. I would like to reset the flag for this station.

I would like to allow the capture of planetary star bases, military bases and cities etc, so I can capture and convert entire regions on the planet to terran military.

I also would like to change the distance at which I appear from objects upon exiting hyperspace.

I will start reading the information on this forum and in the GBSIV module to see what MODS are available.

I have 3D Studio Max v3 - v6, so I would like to add a Star Destroyer and a Klingon D4 to my ship choices (I already have models)

Thanks in advance,



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the modding tools are kind of odd.

PTEStudio documentation says:

"PTEstudio is the tool used to create and edit planetary mission zones, scenes

etc. "

Then at the end it says:

"DO NOT!! mess around with the map editors in the Editor menu. If you do, you WILL

screw up the INI files and invalidate the game environment!!"

So you can use it to explore the planets And it works pretty well for this. But if you try to use it as a modding tool to edit planets you will change the INI files and break the game. The INI files in the /data directory are all locked in a way that the game will crash if changed. So even using the editing tools that come with the game will break it? Sadly I haven't had much time to work on this puzzle.

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I have only tried to script a general campaign - and only to some extent. You can mod the stats of ships and such, by editing system scrips: http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?show...4000157&hl=

Also, try searching or browse any topic made by SC in the GBS-forum.

Generally you can get lots of information by studying the global/system scripts. SC has written a short explanation in the beginning of each file.

I have tried to mod some of the stats, but I haven't been able to pull off what I want so I lost interest.

Also, you should try getting your hands on GBS-I. There's a lot of neat stuff in it.

Hope that helps a bit. Great if you manage to make something interesting. I would certainly be interested in trying whatever you come up with :ph34r:

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