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Galactic Command - Echo Squad SE Trailers

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As mentioned in this dev update, due to the size of the files, I cannot host the trailers. And the mangling done by YouTube, Gametrailers.com etc simply don't do justice to the original content.

So, I have put them up as bittorrent files If you don't know what BitTorrent is, then you probably won't know how to obtain these files. However, it is quite simple.

  1. Download a BitTorrent client. This can be uTorrent (simplest), BitTorrent or Azureus
  2. Install the BitTorrent client and configure it as per your settings. The most important would be to ensure that the client .exe is included in your firewall exceptions list. Also, if you have a router,
    you would need to forward your configured BitTorrent client port from the router to your computer. For this, visit the excellent Port Forward and you'll be set in no time flat.
  3. Open the BitTorrent client and enter the URL to the trailer you want to download. e.g. first right-click on the link (below) and Save Location (Firefox) or Copy Shortcut (IE). Then in uTorrent, you would go to File / Add Torrent From URL and then paste the URL you previously copied.

Thats it!!


1280x720 xVid* HD Trailer (639MB)

720x480 MPEG2 SD Trailer (309MB)

320x240 QuickTime Trailer (30MB)

* You need to have the xVid MPEG4 codec installed in order to play this movie

BitTorrent is for community file sharing. The more you share, the faster your download etc. After you have downloaded the movie, please keep your BitTorrent client running for as long

as feasibly possible so that others can download the files quicker. If you guys don't share (yes, I can check the stats), then I won't be putting up any more trailers, including the upcoming

new ones featuring planetary combat as well as a different space combat scene with the game's actual combat soundfx instead of just music.

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Amazing! I watched this video a few times already. I really like the cockpit design. The feeling of moving in space is good. It was about the time that someone creates a space combat simulator. I tried X3 recently, and got very bored with it, so I downloaded again BCM. I do not see myself escaping the hundreds of laser beams coming from the space station but I guess this is something I can work on. This game seems to be able to fill in my space combat craving needs. As soon as I've got the financing ready, I'll download it!

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