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After reading that wonderful little manual, I still have a question:

How does one raise the AI's of the crew members? Is that based on time, actions, or total roam.


Generally, as far as command crew, being ON STATION will raise AI levels, and will improve performance.

Pilots need not only rise in AI levels, but NEED to be trained in BA ( Bombing Accuracy ), and DF ( Dog Fighting ) lvls, otherwise your going to ultimately have 100 AI pilots without being able to complete successful combat scenarios.

You can see the levels through Command/Systems/Roster/Pilots.

BA won't rise until you complete successful bombing runs. IE: Destroying enemy (RED) targets on planetary surfaces.

DF won't rise until you complete successful Dog-Fighting. IE: Destroying enemy (RED) targets in space regions.

Combat missions lvls are also a factor.

Combat kills lvls are also a factor.

Pilot AI lvls are also a factor.

Pilot fatigue lvls are also a factor.

Pilot hunger lvls are also a factor.

Killing neutral (blue) targets doesn't seem to do any good (but WILL REDUCE EXP depending on CASTE destroyed), unless you MAKE THEM RED through the command/fighters/orders/attack/others command palette.

Once they become red, they are fair game and will add to kills/BA/DF stats.

Marines can't really be "trained". They CAN be, but they die too often to make it an issue, and they cannot be cloned, thus their AI levels can't be "cloned" either.

Command crew and pilots will clone with the LAST AI LVL CLONED. So, if your crew/pilots first DIE at 25 AI, they will clone at default (05-20) AI lvls. If the next time your crew/pilots die at 35 AI, the will CLONE at 25 AI..next they will CLONE at 35 AI..ect..ect..ect..

Medics, system engineers, ect., can't be cloned either, so basically you can only "train" Command crew and Pilots.

I could be wrong, but training seems to be on a 15-20 integer. IE: 15-20 successfull kills ( in space ) will raise DF lvls by one. 15-20 successful kills ( on land ), will raise BA lvls.

Higher the fatigue/hunger, the faster the AI lvl will rise, but the less a successful "kill" will happen, and the more likely you will lose your pilot and FC. So it's a management of resourses...and a tactical command decision as far as gameplay styles.

The higher the base AI (30+), the better your training efforts.

AI lvls will automatically rise through ONSTATION gameplay, but as far as pilots, (BF DF stats), won't increase without kills.

These are only personal observations, and in no way constitute "official" dogmas.

Use at your own risk.

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