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First Galactic Command - Echo Squad SE online REVIEW!!

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The review was pulled because NOBODY in the media has the full game yet. They only had access to the preview build and thats what he apparently 'reviewed' even though it didn't even contain the game's campaign, multiplayer, a bunch of assets (3D models, audio, music etc). That was supposed to be a preview, not a review. So they've pulled it until they get to actually play the final game.

Not sure how they managed that snafu, but it looks like the reviewer and the site's editor have a lot to discuss.

The score of 71 itself was suspect since that wasn't even the full game!! In one part, he talked about the weapons fire audio being "not good". Well, uhm, thats because the v2.00.16 preview didn't even have the final ones and was using placeholders. heh.

The only scenarios included in the preview are the tutorial.

Another day in the gaming media.

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