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HR 5405

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Do we want to transform the SS card into a biometric database?

RDIF Chips and Biometric meta-strips?

How much Libertry lost is too much liberty lost?

HR 5405

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"

-Benjamin Franklin-


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You dont even bother to say anything you just praise this "alex" fellow?

I click your link and som guy holding his hands with black screen behind

him says "Im just one man. Free your mind." and som other stuff? I think

my mind is free enough for this evening...perhaps som other night...ron paul...

sounded good but hes not gonna be a president.

sorry..no "praise" here..

as I stated..I'm not really into Alex Jones.. still, do your own research.. don't wait on me..be a clone or be an individual.. make up your own mind...obviously you were too afraid to watch the whole video with an open mind..which is understandable....

I'm not here to judge you..be who you are.. freely..

No need to kill the messenger.. concentrate on the message.. therein lies the truth of Dr. Paul...it's hard to ignore the obvious, unless you go out of your way to refute it...then, you have no one else to blame...and you get what you play for.

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You are Shingen. Ignore list? No such seem exist in this forum. I will try to remember your name.

I feel honored to be ignored by you..you aren't the first..prolly won't be the last..

still...off topic, and Derek hates off topic posts.


ah hell, nevermind.. I'm easy..let the guy say what he wants..

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