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Galactic Command Echo Squad v2.10.02

Supreme Cmdr

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I have uploaded this small patch to the update server. Just run the "Check For Updates" shorcut to grab it.

  1. FIXED: The orders text display in the first mission shows "ECHO 01 and 02" instead of "ECHO 00 and 01", though the commander's audio instruction is correct.
  2. FIXED: The TACOPS option in the COMMAND menu was emulating ALT+S instead of the recently revised ALT+T. The ALT+T hotkey to activate TACOPS worked fine.

NOTE: All our patches are cumulative. This means that a current patch will always included items from the previous patch. This way, all you ever need to bring your game to the current version, is to download the current patch either via the game's updater or from one of the mirror sites.

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