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i lost my serial

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yesterday i wrote a post in wich i said that i lost my serial because i formatted my pc and i received serial by email and forfgot to write in a piece of paper. If u need my hardware code in order u know i have the original cd tell me.

Can u help? I d like to play ucawa again.

PS: Why my post that i wrote yesterday was deleted?

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Because this is not the way of requesting it.

Read forum rules and support faqs and posts here to know how to contact the team.

See here: http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?showforum=22

Serials may be requested by E-mail.

To be albe to post in the tech support section you have to register a profile and ad the link to your signature.

Failing to do that will lead to deletion of posts as per forum rules.

I already deleted your duplicated post in this very same section if you're asking yourself.

Answering here is your last warning about forum rules.

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